Friday, July 17, 2015

Lesson 369: Share the Love

Happy weekend, Readers.
It's Friday night,
and time for our weekly sharing time.

We'll start out the night with an ice-cold Coke.

These arrived at the Lamp Post this week!

I purchased the bottles on the Share a Coke website.
You can personalize your Coca Cola bottles,
but be forewarned--
names are screened for appropriateness.
I may or may not have tried a few that weren't printable.

The kids got a kick out of them,

and fell right into the hands of the Coca-Cola marketing department.

Eloise has a small collection of Coca Cola cans.
I started collecting them as a teen, 
and have a neat little accumulation of them in my Lamp Post writing station.

Rule number one of creative writing
 is to surround yourself with things you love while you work.

I do enjoy Coca Cola. 
Because of the caffeine and sugar content, 
I rarely indulge anymore,
but a few times a year, it still tastes great.

I think the love affair began with this commercial from the year of my birth.

Coca-Cola, the marketing master,
has had many songs and slogans since then,
but I always like them.

Check out this Coca-Cola inspired song titled Pass It On:

Coca-Cola Cups song by some clever people

"Take a little of your love and pass it on"--
I did!

Eloise also fell prey to Coca Cola's Share a Coke campaign.
Couldn't resist this purchase for lifelong friend Keri.
She's never found many things with the correct spelling of her name.
I wonder how many people did this very same thing?

For more on the background of the Share a Coke Campaign
click the link below.
It's very interesting.

If you are a really good student
here's a bonus reading assignment:

One of the most fascinating views I had this week was 
the share of the Coca Cola experiment about strangers in a dark room.
Don't miss this:

Coca Cola experiment CLICK HERE

In case you chose to skip it,
here's the lesson you were meant to learn:

Pope Francis shared some life lessons.

For a quick and important read,
check out the link below,
Ten Tips for a Happy Life

#1, #8, and #9 are Eloise's favorites.

I learned a lot from reading Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee.
I've nicknamed it Go Set a Timer 

because I read the book in 8 hours!

I won't comment yet, as I know many are still reading it.
I'll give you a couple of weeks.
It IS summer vacation, you know.

However, the Erie thermometers don't always reflect that.

Wednesday night....

Thursday morning.

We did have some pockets of hot days.
I spent a hellish afternoon running up and down a hill.

I'm getting into condition to make my 4th consecutive stab
 at the Presque Isle half marathon on Sunday.
This was me last year as I covered the distance in Caladryl lotion.
I got poison ivy on some unmentionable places 
while tinkling outside on a trail when nature called.

I've wised up this year and tried to pepper my training routes with port-a-johns,
and skip squatting in leaves of unknown origin.

It's supposed to be hot on Sunday
(yeah, right),
so I'll be donning a tank top
or one of my favorite,
100% cotton,

Runner 5 above (from my Zombies Run game)
and this Her Times 5K shirt are two of my favorites.

I don't like the new water-wicking material.
I find it hot and scratchy.
Mark my words in Blog post #369---
"they" are going to find some sort of harmful agent in the
material 20 years from now.
Cancer causing, I'm sure.

So I guess that makes my friend Heather a gonner.
This is her t-shirt collection of JUST the athletic wear material.
She has another dresser full of cotton shirts.

So---Eloise is offering just what everyone needs---
another t-shirt!

I'm taking orders for Natalie's People shirts, version 2.

Natalie, my daughter with autism,
started drawing people about a year ago.
This is an incredibly difficult task for some people with autism.

I loved Natalie's People so much,
I put the design on some cheap, cotton t-shirts
and gifted them to some friends and family.
There were only about 20 printed,
so if you have one, consider it a collector's item.

People receiving the shirt 

wore the shirts to different places in the country,

and sent Natalie their photos.

This year's version will be attached to a worthy cause.
Natalie is going to conquer Erie's obstacle course run,
Barber Beast on the Bay.

Last year she completed the adapted course with her sister Ellen

and was interviewed afterwards.

Natalie signed up for a dollar to participate 
as she chose to fund raise for the event.
Natalie will slay her Beast on September 12th.
Natalie is going to give back to the agency that helped her
so much a young child.

The shirts are going to be black (Natalie's favorite color)
and on water-wicking athletic material.......
You can join me in my suffering in 20 years.

I'm using the same exact shirt as the What the Hi11? shirts.

I have one of each size here at the Lamp Post,
from XS to XL.  
They also are available in XXL.
I can help you judge your size, or you can stop over to try them on.
They are hanging in my garage.

The cost is $20, 
ten of which will cover the cost of the shirt,
and the other half we'll donate to Natalie's fundraising.

We will take orders through the middle of August,
and shirts will be delivered by the first week of September.
If you cannot watch or participate in the Barber Beast on the Bay this year,
wear Natalie's shirt and send us your photo.
Eloise will make a fan page on this blog.

Thank you in advance for sharing your love and support.

Eloise has a few more photos to share:

Happy kids on a calm lake.

Happy Grandma finds rare, red beach glass.

Happy Eloise finally captures some frequently sighted eagles.
"Look over there!"
"See him in those trees?"


I did!

...and a young one, too!

Share your life with someone this weekend.
Share your stories,
your talents,
your gifts.

And most importantly,
share your own unique perspective,

It's a story that some may not expect,
but it is one that is all your own.

Enjoy your weekend.


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