Friday, March 4, 2016

Lesson 407: Favorite Things

Hello, Readers.
Eloise is coming to you older and wiser this week.
I celebrated by 45th birthday yesterday.
My faceless doll is happy in her new home.

My parents and their weird sense of humor.
I call them The Settlers for a few reasons.
They are the homesteaders--
they bought the land and gave me a chunk to build The Lamp Post on.

They also have cable TV.
I keep showing them my favorite DirecTV commercial.

They brought me my gifts in a wheelbarrow,

which along with my faceless doll,
 included rusted shears for homemade haircuts,

a hoop and stick,

and of course,

My presents were wrapped in brown paper
because that's all The Settlers had.

But, when my momma tied up those brown paper packages with strings,
they became just a few of my favorite things.

Here are some more favorite things from my week:

I almost got drunk on this chocolate cake from neighbor Patti.
It's made with Guinness beer!

Glad I had this shirt from Tracy Southern to go with it.
When translated from German
(and photo flipped)
it reads:
Real Women Drink Beer.

I got lots of great gifts and lots and lots of kind words.
Thank you all for your love.

I spent the week doing some of my favorite things--
which is capturing life as it happens.

Boy Scout Winter Camp Outs

Love in bloom

Field trips to dance academies

And former Riding Academies

Expectant parents

And expectant syrup

Plans for the next year?
Eloise has a few.
I can't tell you all of them,
because that would take away the fun of wondering.
Wondering is what brings you back week after week, isn't it?

I wonder if I can convince my hubby to get one of these for the Lamp Post.
Josie needs a friend.
Now that's a plan.

I liked the Tao of the Dinky Donkey facebook page
and am inspired daily.

Check it out.

Enjoy tonight's video, set very appropriately to Lukas Graham's 7 Years song.
Erie scenes 
scenes from my youth.

Enjoy your weekend, Readers.

All 45 of them!

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