Friday, July 15, 2016

Lesson 429: Rise!

Rise and shine, Saturday morning, Readers!
The weekend is here,
as well as your weekly edition of the Lamp Post
and all things trivial.

We enjoyed a good start to the week
 when Sam's baseball team won their weekend tournament.

The Huskie baseball program is on the rise.

All three A teams swept the District Level tournament.
That's certainly something to celebrate.

Sam's team celebration heap,
minus Sam.

Sam's team celebration heap,
add Sam.

He was the last to jump on.
Check out the kid on the bottom.

Enjoy the memories of those medals, boys.
You earned them.

These tired old feet of mine are going to rise to the occasion
and make another loop around Presque Isle on Sunday morning
for the Erie Half Marathon.
I'm running under Calvin Coolidge--the 31st president.
After I complete races and fitness events under all of the US Presidents,
I'm switching to a new activity.
Right now it's between swimming and Tae Kwon Do.

I see where I got my long legs from.
Grandma came with us to Waldameer this week,
on the hottest day of the summer.

She also helped supervise the bench placement project at Six Mile Creek Park 
in Harborcreek.

My nephew Jack's Eagle Scout project is complete!

If you have not been to Six Mile Creek Park,
one of the 9 parks in the Harbor Creek Township Park system, check it out!
It's absolutely beautiful and very hiker and walker friendly.

Pop Quiz:  'Creekers, can you name all 9 parks in Harborcreek?
Answer at the end of this blog.

The park entrance is at the top of Clark Road,
and has new cleared trails that lead down to Six Mile Creek.
Those taking the trail leading north have two new places to sit.
One is near the creek at the bottom

The other is closer to the top of the trail.
For those on the climb back up--
you will find a nice resting spot.

Here is Jack resting with Sam on his latest accomplishment.

There was peace for a minute.

Sam has spent most of the summer 
receiving Indian Burns,
Wet Willies,
Purple Nurples,
and Head Locks 
from all the teens that frequent the Lamp Post.

Sam's been buried in the sand 
(and left for dead, according to Sam)
a couple of times, too.

He'll be the better for it all someday,

Daughter Ellen Louise has risen to the occasion 
and is making some fine pieces by turning junk into gems.

This blog is being cut short a bit tonight because I can't concentrate.
The insect sting allergy, 
so common in our family,
got Natalie this afternoon.
This is her photo about half way through the swelling.

Lesson for the week:  Always carry two Benedryl with you.
Put them in your car, your wallet or purse, and keep them in your medicine cabinet.
Runners, walkers, hikers, and bikers--
always stick a couple in your belts and bags, too.

Two Benedryl taken right away after a sting can save your life
until you can get to a place where you can receive medical attention.

Did you rise to the challenge, local Readers?
Were you successfully able to name all 9 of Harborcreek's parks?

Pass your paper to the person sitting behind you,
and check the answers here:

1.  Harborcreek Community Park
2.  Whitford Park
3.  Rolling Ridge Park
4.  Slade Park
5.  Shades Beach Park
6.  Shorewood Park
7. Six Mile Creek Park
8.  Roadside Park
9.  Highmeyer Park

Enjoy the Olympic Pep Rally video!
Katy Perry's, Rise.

Eloise is pumped!
Watch this and you will be, too.


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