Friday, July 22, 2016

Lesson 430: Friday Night Update

Happy Friday, Readers!
It's hot!
I'm sweating while I'm writing this blog,
and drinking coffee, which makes no sense.

Eloise is worn out from a long busy week.
Even though I am a teacher and don't work in the summertime,
I fill my days.

This week, 
Sam's All Star Team is participating in the Farm Tournament
out in North East's grape country.

It sure is pretty in my hubby's hometown.
I stop many times along the way out to snap photographs.

North East,
which is actually in northwestern Pennsylvania,
is such a great place.

It runs from the I-90 ridge,
through the vineyards,

and straight down to the lake shore.

Sam's tournament is going well.

The boys are playing great together.

The Dads seem pretty happy.

I learned through this shot that Sam can roll his tongue.
I cannot.
Can you?

Grandma and Grandpa made it out to see a game.
You can spot my dad anywhere...

I found this happening going on at 6 Mile Cellars this morning.
6 Mile is the winery across the street from the Lamp Post.
I'm always watching out for it,
so I've deemed myself Guardian of the Grape.

The event was called Bike the County--or something like that.

Kathy Dahlkemper, the Erie County Executive
rode with about 50 people from the Erie County Courthouse,
through Harborcreek and North East.

I was hoping to get the camera guy to aim the other way,

so he could help sell my car.

The first deal fell through with the interested party,
so she's up for sale again.
She looks like a zucchini,
but purrs like a kitten.
It was my favorite van I ever had and will miss it terribly.

The camera guys even stood in my yard to get more footage.
I was standing on the Lamp Post front porch waving my arms,
"This is home!"

They didn't seem too interested.
Then I realized that is the slogan for the competing TV station.

Mother Eloise has determined that Budget Saver
Banana Twin Pops, 
must have some addictive quality about them.
I've never known Natalie to love any food more.

They are at Walmart for $1.95.

If you pick up a package,
read the back.
I like Happy Places,
so I will be a regular consumer.

Word is spreading about my favorite books.
I'm helping a special someone sort out her house the Japanese way.

If you want some serious help getting your home organized once and for all,
purchase these books.  
They are short and easy to read.
The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up is the first book.
I read it last July and organized my home last August.
It has stayed neat and organized for an entire year.

Marie Kondo's second book came out this spring--Spark Joy.
I recommend getting both--
an under $20 investment that will help you a great deal,
whether you are single or raising a family.


Eloise did complete the Presque Isle loop for the fifth straight year in a row.
I'm not going for speed records--
I'm going for consecutive years running.

I found some friends in the morning,

and we looped the beautiful park together on Sunday morning.

We were a fleet of feet.

This year I decided to spare my poor, arthritic feet and skipped the run training plans.
I've been consistent with my workouts,
Team Adrenaline when I can make it,
and Challenge Erie 7 Home workouts 6 mornings a week.

I also receive regular chiropractic care to keep my body aligned,
(very important)
eat well,
and try to rest.
My longest "training run" since April was 5.5 miles.
No long runs!
I did just fine,
my feet felt great,
and only my quads were more sore than usual.

If you attempt something big like a marathon, half marathon, or obstacle course race,
it helps to enjoy the location.
I'm a hometown girl and don't like to travel.
I don't like hotels or eating in restaurants.
Events close to home are always my first choice.

The peninsula is such a gorgeous place.

It's filled with friendly faces to cheer you on,

and gorgeous places to admire along the way.

I was very surprised to find my mom waiting for me at the finish line.

Like Mother, like Daughter.

Now as I said before,
setting speed records is not on my check list of Things To Do In Life.
I prefer to plod along at my own consistent pace.
I complete the loop usually in 2 hours and 30 minutes.
I'm good to go along with if you are a beginner,
because I like to carry all of the stuff 
and take photos to document your accomplishment.

My goal is to make people like this lady feel good about themselves.

But even Eloise has a competitive streak.

Every year I get beat by at least one Race Walker
in the 70 + category.
I chased this lady around the whole loop.
I'd pass her,
then she'd pass me.

By mile 10 even my sunny personality starts to cloud up.
I cannot let that bitch beat me!

So by mile 11, I cranked it up.
Not this year, Lady!
You just move on over!
Eloise is coming through!

As you can see from the race photos that my mother took,
I had a good lead on her as the finish line was near.

Then I looked up to see a large group of my friends
and my mom cheering me on to the finish!
Well, Glory Be!
Eloise has some fans!

I princess waved to my adoring crowd,

and decided it was a perfect moment to capture with Little Blue.

And there she goes!
Smoked once again by a Race Walker.

The girls behind my shoulder in this photo said,
"We've never seen anyone stop to take a photo right BEFORE
they crossed the finish line.
"I got caught up in the moment!" I yelled to them.
"Life's a journey, not a time clock!"

except for this lady.
Tick tock!
I'm coming for you next year, Lady.
I taped your picture to my bathroom mirror for motivation.

Savor the weekend, Readers.
Don't let your life go by in a blur,
or in the dust of a Race Walker.


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