Friday, August 5, 2016

Lesson 433: Olympic Rings

Ola, Readers.
Eloise greets you tonight with a "hello" in Portuguese.
I'm watching the Open Ceremonies while writing this blog,
so forgive me if you find my writing kind of scattered.

Eloise and Hubby are celebrating 22 years together tonight.
We were married on a Friday night, too!

My Olympic ring came in the form of a Pandora daisy band.
I was quite surprised and love it very much!


It fits my trigger finger perfectly,
so you'll be seeing a lot of it if you manage to cross my line of focus

while I capture moments.

Moments in nature:

Baby moments:

It's OK, Emma.
You'll learn to like me.
Most people do in time.

Moments with friends:

Moments that make history:
Jeep--Generation 3
22 years old,
77,000 miles,
and now Jack and soon Ellen will have their turns at it.

Moments in the arts:

Moments in Sports:

Sam won his age group for Erie,
and will move on to Sectionals for the NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick competition!

The five Olympic rings are flying from the Lamp Post for two weeks.

the biggest fan around,
purchased it for us,
and boasted that she even wore her Olympic shirt.

I don't think the Hondurans who made the shirt
truly understood the whole ring thing.

Lesson from the Lamp Post:
the five Olympic rings represent the 5 inhabited continents.
The colors of the rings appear at least once on every flag in the world.

Not everyone can be an Olympian
but you can certainly do something heroic.

Image result for barber beast on the bay

My friends and I have started training for the
Barber Beast on the Bay,
September 10th
on Erie's Presque Isle.

Beast Hunts on the beach Saturday mornings have started!
Meet me and my friends from Team Adrenaline
 in the Sara's parking lot at 7:30 am
 this Saturday, August 6th.
Locations vary, but all are a good challenge
whether you are doing the Beast or not.
Fee is a $5 donation for the Barber National Institute.

A ten mile obstacle course seems like a daunting challenge to tackle.
The mind can certainly get in the way of the body.

We hauled our I CAN'Ts 

up the hill,

In the spirit of the games,
I'll post a couple of my Pre-Olympic favorites.

A friend sent me this interesting piece on abandoned Olympic stadiums.

I also liked this Proctor and Gamble advertisement,
titled Thank You, Mom.

Have a great week cheering for OUR team.
It sure is nice being on the same team for a little while.
Presidential politics can resume in two weeks.
For now, 
let's try to enjoy our unity.

Go, USA!

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