Friday, August 26, 2016

436: Believe it!

I'm headed to a high school football game tonight.
I can't believe it!

I've read and heard the phrase I can't believe it! a lot this past week.
With the start of school comes reflection about time and how it flies.
Even Eloise, controller of time at the Lamp Post Dharma station
has trouble grasping the concept of the passing of moments.
Perhaps that is why I feel compelled to record so many.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned life is that
the only real time is now.
So whatever it is you can't seem to grasp,
Believe it!
It's real,
it's here,
and it's now.

The now for the night is football

instead of baseball.

The first high school games began tonight.

Despite my Huskies hard work all summer,
I'll be paying bridge tolls again for a year.
We lost this year's battle for ownership of the Nagle Road bridge
to our backyard rivals at Iroquois High School.
Eloise is paying in pennies.

Still a lot of football to look forward to, though.
Growth mindset is where it's at.
You'll get 'em next week, Huskies!

Sam strapped on his helmet

and walked past his familiar home at first base
onto the gridiron.

He had lots of fun with baseball,
but it's time to close up shop for game play for the year.

Sam subbed for at team at the end of this season.
They celebrated a pretty big win.

They defeated a really good team they never beat before.
Believe it, boys!
You did it!

Before Sam hangs up his hat completely,

he's already thinking about next season.

His baseball team is selling these books

and YOU have a chance to get a limited edition for yourself!

They are known in my parts as the $ave Around Town books--
chock full of coupons and good deals.

Eloise renamed it
The Bitched Up Big Book of Coupons.

If you've followed this blog for awhile, 
you know that I like to read.
What I do is kind of beyond reading--
I interact with the page.
I much prefer pages to screens,
and always read with a pen in hand.
The book gets annotated, 
doodled in,
cried on,
and usually wet.

Eloise isn't easy on the page,
but by the time I'm done with a book,
it knows it's been loved---
or hated.

Purchasers of these limited edition books,
are autographed by none other than
Sam LaFuria--Future MLB Superstar!

They will be personally tailored to your interests and likes,
with post-it's notes springing from edges reminding you about coupons
that are simply to good to forget.

There are plenty from local Erie businesses

local attractions,

our favorites--

and local sports teams.

I think the Dick's coupons alone make the book worth it.
You can shop for almost everyone at Dick's Sporting Goods.
Just the use of one $20 coupon pays for the book!

If you act fast, 
and are one of the first 10 requesting your 
one of a kind,
autographed copy--
you also receive a pair of safety scissors for easy coupon clipping
a surprise gift inside the envelope.

Believe it!

Contact Eloise and Sam if you would like to add this to your home collection.

Sam says Fank You!
He's hissing a bit through his new braces.

With all these sports Sam plays,
I've been loading up on the deodorant.

What I find hard to believe are the resurgence in the dry sprays.
I thought that the aerosol sprays were deemed bad for the ozone
and they stopped making them 30 years ago.


Ellen finished her rain barrel,
believe it or not.

She chose Grow in Grace--
a verse from 2 Peter.

I've been so inspired by her work,
I thought of a plan for my own.
Now I just have to find a rain barrel.
I'll keep you posted.

Natalie has been a happy camper since she unearthed 
an old doll from a bin of Barbies.

The singing Zac Effron from still works.
Believe it!

I never thought I'd see the day that the Happy People 
made their way onto a Tough Mudder team t-shirt.

Believe it!
They did !

These Happy Tees are a one-of-a-kind, limited edition.
Only 13 were sold to my friends taking part in the Buffalo Tough Mudder
on Sunday, August 28th.
And before you even ask, the answer is-- no.
They are not for sale.
Buy Sam's coupon book instead.

Believe it or not,
Hubby with his keen eye spied an eagle on the lake shore.

This is how far away we were sitting when he spied it in the tree line.

Here it is with the zoom of my new Canon SX60!
For the type of pictures I take--
candids and spur of the moment shots,
this surely does the job.

As luck would have it,
an immature eagle was sitting in the next tree.

The talons are amazing.

Have a great week, Readers!
Believe you will,
and you will.


I'd like to keep these in my phone to empower myself from time to time.:

be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people:

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