Friday, February 3, 2017

Lesson 463: Good Advertising

Happy weekend, Readers!
It's a super weekend for the Super Bowl.
None of my teams are playing in the big game,
but I'll watch it anyway.
The Super Bowl is always fun to watch
and part of American culture.

It's snowy and cold here at the Lamp Post.

We've been hanging out inside,

trying to heal ourselves from heavy cold virus

otherwise known as these parts as the HC Plague.

We've been couching it under the blankets
watching movies
and watching the birds.

Bird nerds:
Do you know what kind of bird this is?
He's brown on the back and wings

and bright red on the head and belly.

We crawled out of the house one evening this week 
to watch a basketball game.
Basketball is fun to watch in the wintertime.

When your team wins, that is.

By Lamp Post standards,
it's been a boring week.

It's taken most of our strength to get up and get to school and work,
and we count the minutes until we can crawl back to the couch.

I know.
It's not great advertising for the north.

Still, I'd live no place other.
I'm very comfortable right here in my snowed-in home.
That's good advertising enough.

I took a sneak peek at some pre-released Super Bowl ads.
With all the game time fun,
I sometimes miss the commercials for potty breaks
and trips to the snack table.

Here are two of my favorites 
that lots of people are talking about.

This one from Budweiser is very timely.

And this one with Melissa McCarthy will surely make you laugh.

Here's one more that didn't make the major networks.
My red, puffy, sick eyes look better today
with some Advil Cold & Sinus. 
It gave me the first real relief I've had in five days.

Be well, Readers.

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