Friday, March 10, 2017

Lesson 468: A Little Bit

Hello, Readers!

Eloise is reporting a little bit of March snow at the Lamp Post.
I think it's delicate and pretty.
I don't mind it at all.
Patience, everyone.

This, too, shall pass.

The kids are handling being caught in this weather transition just fine for tonight.
We're resting up for one more Saturday of basketball.

Last weekend Sam got to play baseball at an indoor tournament.
I felt like I spent the weekend inside the belly of a whale.

The place did make for some cool photo opportunities.
Believe it or not,
having an outlet like my camera actually
helps me pay closer attention to the game.

you know,
my mind tends to wander a little bit.

Every sign can use a little bit of improvement.

Ellen Louise is looking to improve her golf game in 2017 a little bit.
She and Hubby sure do enjoy the sport.
After much discussion and some re budgeting of family funds,
we joined the two of them 
to one of the nicest golf courses near to the Lamp Post;
one as a Junior Member
and the other as a Social Member.

Chatter of the warm days ahead, 
ideal for golf,
has dominated the conversation this week.
They are both so excited,
and it makes me happy to see them so happy.

Ellen Louise watched every day for her member certificate to arrive in the mail.
It finally did---

addressed to Natalie!
Natalie thought this was hilarious.
She not only regularly wears Ellen's underwear,
but now has stolen her prized golf membership.

I hang out with people who like to do all sorts of crazy physical challenges.
They've done some admirable feats on their feets and seats,
but I don't think anything compares to the Iditarod.

I follow it every March,
as the sled dogs and their mushers 
cross the great state of Alaska.
The history and stories from the trail are really amazing.
iditarod trail map | Iditarod Trail Map, artwork by Jennifer Thermes [source]:

My Huskies and I have been following the race at school.
It typically takes 8 to 12 days.
Less than half of the 71 starting teams will finish.

If you are a dog lover and an adventure lover,
check out the race details and stories at

Advice from a Sled Dog:

I saw the movie The Shack last weekend.
You can safely say that I liked it a little bit--
I went twice within 20 hours!
I'd watch it again this minute if I could.

Since I pinned some things related to the move The Shack
on my pinterest account,
I've been receiving these on my pin feed.
They are called She Shacks--
the chick equivalent to the Man Cave.

Jenny's "she shed" made with reclaimed building materials | Living Vintage:

I want one!
I showed Hubby and told him that God sent these images to me.
He surely wants me to have a refuge all my own.
God's all set.
It's Hubby who needs a little bit more convincing.

Stunning Garden Shed Cabin Created with Salvagd Wood.:

One of my best forms of entertainment the past few days is this:

Ellen Louise showed me how to use this AP last weekend--
when my mind was wandering at ball games last weekend.

If you don't have Bitmoji yet, 
check it out.
It's fun.

You create a cartoon avitar of yourself,
and can use a series of stickers for social media posts and messages.

They are fun to send as messages,
and surely will make both the sender
and the recipient smile a little bit.

Some stickers are cute and sweet.

Some are quirky.

Others snarky.

Social media at its finest keeps me connected to my Besties.
With full lives and responsibilities,
we have but a precious few opportunities to see each other in person.

 So, we text and message one another--
even if our only chance is 5:39 am.

This is Eloise.

The Harborcreekers can probably figure out
the following two avitars.
I think they look just like their real life replicas!

I wanted to get my sister Kenyan involved,
thinking she'd have fun with this, too.
I messaged her.

Didn't hear from her for awhile.
(Yes, she was running....)

So, I sent this,

then this,

then this.
This one finally got her attention.

She sent this one back.

Then I told Kenyan that her emoji was stupid looking,
so she did what all little sisters do--
they listen to their big sisters--
and she fixed it.]
Better hair.
Better eyes.
Better body.

Much better, Kenyan.
She loves the designer clothes options!

Since it snowed a little bit,
I changed into a snowflake sweater for the weekend.

I couldn't do it until I had the Fashonista's opinion though.

I got applause!

It's going to be a good weekend for sure!

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Make some time to do something fun,
at least for a little bit.


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