Friday, March 17, 2017

Lesson 469: Nancy Mulligan

Top o' the evenin' to ya, Readers!

It is a fine St. Patrick's Day here in Erie.
It's fun to celebrate holidays on Fridays.

Winter still has it's icy hold on us.

The Canadian geese have returned to the area,

but their favorite floating place is frozen again.

It's not a ton of snow by Erie standards,

but it hung on most of the week

 after the initial dump.

It felt great to workout in sunlight for a change!

It looked a whole lot warmer than it felt that evening.
Everything weather related felt a bit confusing this past week.

This was Sam's baseball practice this week--
shooting hoops in the gym.

Sam's basketball team came in second place for the season.
Not bad at all 
for a team just put together in October.

Basketball is still on his brain with the NCAA tournament starting.

Sam is the biggest cheerleader in the house 
(next to me).
He spent a whole day making signs for the teams.

These are the final four I picked for my bracket.

Sam decorated the entire house with them,
after he sold them to me
on a half price special--
50 cents each.

I hope the heavy globs of scotch tape peels well from the wallpaper and paint.
This kid tuckers me out.

Sam had something to say about everyone's brackets.
He raised question with Grandma for picking Vermont.

 Image result for vermont basketball

Sam didn't even bother making a sign for Vermont,
thinking they would not be much of a tournament force.

The little conniver decided to make a 
Special Edition
single copy
 cheer sign
for good old Vermont,
then sold it to Grandma for 5 bucks.
It was a Limited Edition, you know.
Sam is exhausting!

Ellen donned her favorite Irish t-shirt.

She's all smiles because she's playing for the Lady Huskies again this year.

Grandma quickly sent a reminder--
the old gal doesn't miss a trick.
Apparently there is a wee bit of Irish in us somewhere.
County Cork sounds like a cool place to live.
Perhaps I should send Sam and Grandma on a trip to investigate
because the two of them are real Corkers.

I traded my traditional Friday night favorite 
for one of these.
I was prepared to tell you how horrible it was--
but I actually liked it!

Sam went to baseball practice like this.

Natalie went shopping in these.

St. Patrick's Day is fun,
no matter your % of the Irish in you.
Take these wise words from my fave--
Dinky Donkey.
(You can follow him on facebook).

Image may contain: text and outdoor

My favorite St. Patrick's Day story is the one of Nancy Mulligan.
It is a new song on Ed Sheeran's awesome new album Divide.

What's not to love about Ed Sheeran.
Mad talent in an ordinary kid next door persona.
I love Ed in interviews--
so humble,
so likable.

The story of the song is about his grandparents.
This is his Grandmother, age 92.

Weekend homework--
save for when you are not too blurry eyed.

#1--watch this video 

#2--Read this article

#3--the best things are always the third things--
Listen to this song.

No official for it yet--
just a lyric video,
This one will help you truly understand the story.
I absolutely love everything about this song--
it is my favorite on the album
which has been on continual repeat at the Lamp Post.

Stories are the best way to learn--
through reading,
through tellings,
through music,
through art,
and through nature.

Listen to this story to end your St. Patrick's Day.
You'll be glad that you did.

Spread goodness and kindness, Readers.
Take it from the Irish.
They know what their talking about.

I feel like there's a gaping hole in our philosophy of human interaction. If we said really nice things about others behind their backs, even if the inclination is to say something negative and we have to really reach, maybe that would get back to them and change their life. Or maybe it would make you look like a nice person. Either way, you win. And so does everyone else.:

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