Friday, May 19, 2017

Lesson 480: Golden Girl

Today our oldest daughter Natalie 
celebrated her Golden Birthday.
Also known as a Grand Birthday,
Lucky Birthday,
Champagne Birthday,
or Star Birthday--
it is the birthday when a person turns 
the age of their birth date.

Natalie turned 19 on the 19th.

Why not celebrate with three birthday cakes,

and lots of family and friends.

She truly is a golden girl.

As pretty as a golden sunset,


and a goldfinch.

Natalie is one of a kind.
Her uniqueness is hard to describe, 
but Mother Eloise will give it her best shot on her Golden Birthday night.

It's like looking out into a great big field.

and one blade of grass looks like the next,
making the world a sea of green.

But if one looks a little closer,
there is a break in the sameness.

One tiny spot of color that demands to be seen,
in its own quiet way.

Some may see it as a weed,
a nuisance,
a pest.

Others see its beauty,
and value.

The dandelion
has purposes that God intended for it,
for which we are just beginning to understand.

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God has purposes set for Natalie,
to which we are just beginning to understand.
Knowing Natalie makes us all better people.

More patient.
More understanding.
More protective.
More kind.

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Enjoy this photo story made up of
Golden Moments of Natalie's last year,
set to the song Golden, by Lady Antebellum.

Love you, Natalie.
We all do.

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