Friday, May 5, 2017

Lesson 477: A Peek at the Week

Hello, Readers--
Eloise is playing her favorite Friday night game of Peek-a-Boo.

Here's a peek at the week in Erie, PA.

The flowers are all in bloom.
They sure are pretty.

It just takes a little rain to get them to grow.
Or a lot.

Gave my neighbor a holler to tell her
that it may be wise to throw the kill switch
on her electric horse fence.

It was a little soggy for Thursday's Pennsylvania Envirothon.

The kids did great in spite of the drizzle.
Didn't bother the outdoorsy kids a bit.

My workout friends carry on rain or shine, 

puzzling the local wildlife.

Here's a sketch of Sam and Josie waiting for his games to start this week.

'Snoopy and Charlie Brown:

We still got in a couple games during the dry days.

I started a $h!t storm over this one.
Sammery Yammery vs Yellin' Ellen.
The great debate:
Which is more difficult--softball or baseball?

Check this out.

Or maybe we should just call it fearsome.
I mean,
wouldn't you quake in your cleats if she was guarding second base?

Gotta give it up for high school athletes.
Hours of practice and games each night of the week--
got to study for the AP exams every spare minute you can find.

Speaking of school--
we never did receive responses to our President's Day letters,
Mr. Trump.

Here's a hint: 
a little PR goes a long way,
especially for the younger Americans.

Until you appoint someone to handle your kid mail,
this is what is going to hang on the
Lamp Post Wall of Presidents--
One photo of every President since my children have been born.

One of the ups of the week was this award I received from a colleague at Klein School.
She nominated me for some recognition for my courage.

Mrs. Eloise?

She wrote a beautiful piece about our common bond:
our own children with special needs.
Parents of children with special needs are brave!
Yes, we are!
Thank, you Mrs. Smith!

I'll close with my favorite photo series of the week--
some natural captures of Natalie and Erik 
at Sam's baseball game.
My daughter and nephew have a way of communicating
that is special and unique to them.

Eloise is going to check out a big city race this weekend.
Some ladies and I are going to run the Pittsburgh Marathon--
relay style.
I'm starting us out,
so we could be contenders to win the whole thing!
Watch for the news coverage out of Pittsburgh.

I'm not much for crowds,
or cold rain,
or pavement paths,
but trying something new is always a good thing.
Look for me in the crowd.
I'll be the one with my camera--
wearing a fin.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear. courage is to be a braveheart:

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