Friday, February 24, 2017

Lesson 466: Boiling Point

It's Friday, Readers,
and Erie is experiencing an incredible warm up!

We had a record breaking warmth move through the area today.
We needed to reach 70 degrees to break a 111 year old record.
I'm not sure what official temperature was recorded at the Erie Airport,
but this is what it read in my van!
77 degrees on February 24th!

I ran around in shorts in the late afternoon.
Oh how I've missed them!

The weather at the lamp Post is so strange this week.

The warm up brings with it springtime scents of mud and grass,
yet the body senses it's still too early.

The morning color scheme has been beautiful,
but Eriely eerie.

Sap Nation is in full operation.

Hubby caught the first run last weekend
and the maple syrup was the best ever--
dark and delicious.

He's back at it again to today.
The process is not really that hard or expensive--
just time consuming.
If you try it yourselves we suggesting getting a large, shallow pan.
It makes the boiling go faster,
and have plenty of firewood on hand.

It's nice to have company when you are feeding a fire all day.

Grandma thinks it's too boring sitting around a fire watching sap boil.

The competitive old girl likes to play basketball with Sam instead.

She beat him twice at HORSE
and still swishes from the three point line.

Natalie loves maple syrup more than anyone.
She licks the plate when she's done with her waffle
and I actually allow it.

A spoonful of maple syrup was about all Ellen ingested for 5 days.
She had her impacted wisdom teeth removed last weekend.

"The best six doctors anywhere and no-one can deny it are:  SUNSHINE, WATER, REST, AIR, EXERCISE and DIET."  ~ Wayne Fields:

We drug the rocking chair out into the sunshine to expedite her healing,
and we did our best to keep her company.

It has felt so good to get outside without boots and hats 
last weekend and again today.

Nature is so pretty while it's waiting to burst.

Sam and his team have been busting up the basketball courts.

All of our Huskie Hoopsters have been doing well this season.
We're off to see more games on Saturday.

Congratulations to my boys Jack and Adam!
They had an outstanding season which ended in a heartbreaking loss by 1 at the buzzer on Wednesday night.
It's been a fun ride, fellas.
Now it is your time to cheer for Sam.

Spring is not far away.
Winter dormancy is nearing its end.
It's time to bust out and turn up the heat.

Find something you love to do,
and turn up the heat.

It's amazing what just one degree can do.

I received this book from my Klein School principal, Mr. Cook.
It's not just a book for teachers,
it's for everyone.

Eloise highly recommends this book if you are looking to make 
that much needed change in your life.

Does something seem just out of reach?

You can see what you want,
but you just figure out what to do to make it happen?

Move from hot to boiling.
Just turn up the heat one more degree.

This little book is filled with infinite wisdom.

Weekend homework:
Check out 212--
there are lots of links, 
videos on youtube,
books for purchase,
a website--
whatever reaches you best.

I'll end this blog tonight with some simple wisdom
from the children of Clark School.

Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lesson 465: Weekend Wisdom

You made a wise decision to check in at the Lamp Post.

It's always a great place for a midwinter stop.

We had some blue sky and bright sunshine today.

It melted away some of February's white blanket we received earlier in the week.

With temps pushing into the 50's,
it's wise to get outside.
And while you're out there,
leave your mark.

Eloise is truly thankful

for neighbors who put up with me.

A wise one knows the sap will start to run.

Hubby is at the ready.

Eloise loves rusted metal.

Natalie was happy to receive a Valentine in the mail from her sweetheart.

She misses you, too, Ryan!
A wise saying is this:  
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
This means she will be happy to see you when you come to Erie.

Ellen Louise had her wisdom teeth extracted today,
putting a literal dent in her four day weekend.

33 Times The Internet Used Art History To Describe Your Life. Don’t Show #31 To Your Priest. -

She's a hurtin' human tonight.
Sam thought this giant bear would help her heal.

Mother Eloise went to the store to stockpile some soft foods
for a tender mouth.

Then I had to figure out where to hide it all so the rest
of my tribe didn't eat it all before she got her appetite back.
I think the vegetable drawer will work perfectly.
They'll never look in there.

Having any surgery puts stress on the body,
so I thought a little C-Boost was in order.

Grandma thought pudding was the better option.
No wonder Grandma is ALWAYS more popular than Mom.

I looked up some healing tips on Pinterest for her.
Ice packs in an old bra!
How clever.

Take an old bra, place two socks filled with ice in both cups, and fashion to head. Great way to ice cheeks after wisdom teeth surgery no hands or pins requires! #wisdomteeth #ice #surgery #teeth:

This will be over soon, Ellen Louise,
and you'll be all the wiser for it.

I thought this quote coupled with the large elephant tusks
was perfect for you.

We should print it
and frame it
and hang it over your bed.

Quotes Of The Day – 12 Pics:

Ellen Louise is locked and loaded with magazines to read for the next few days.

This wasn't one of them,
but Hubby sure enjoys looking through it every year.

I know--
body image
body shaming
love yourself
embrace your size
camera angles
photo editing
hair people
make up people
lighting experts
I know
I know 
I know.

But, seriously,
hats off to Christie Brinkley at 63,
as well as her two amazingly beautiful daughters.

Wisdom comes with age,

so don't ever regret growing older.

Thinking of my girlfriends and grandmothers who never made it to my age.  Wish they were here to laugh about this journey of aging with me...

I'll close tonight with this interesting photo story--
4 sisters photographed over a 40 year span.
How lucky they have been to be together on earth
all of this time.

Have a wonderful weekend, Readers.

Wisdom Tooth 2 Dental Art Print Dentist Office Art by falboart: