Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lesson 47: I Found Him in Another Life

OK, OK.  I know SOME of you are sick of the LOST references on this blog, but there are many LOST fan followers, too.  This one is just too good to resist!

When I first saw the actor who plays Desmond Hume on LOST, I felt like I had seen him before in a movie and it haunted me.  The LOST audience first met Desmond when Jack, Locke, and Kate found him down in "the hatch" after they rather rudely blew the door off and invaded his private dwelling.  Desmond was the person responsible for pushing the button every 108 minutes.  Later in the series, we found Desmond had actually met Jack while they were running the stairs at a stadium.  Because I am a teacher and love any opportunity to build my readers vocabulary, the physical feat of running all the steps in every section of a stadium is called a Tour de Stade.  Paul J. Weitz Stadium may soon hear the sound of my sneakers against the metal bleachers.  That sounds like a fun challenge to consider (IF SPRING EVER DOES ARRIVE!).   It is Desmond's character who is responsible for saying one of my favorite LOST phrases.  After a brief conversation with Jack, Desmond said as the pair parted, "See you in another life, Brother." 

Well, I found Desmond's other life.  He was Jesus!   Well, okay, pre-LOST he PLAYED Jesus.  Still a great honor nonetheless.  I recognized him from something I saw in church years before that.  Here is a clip that is another version of the Woman at the Well story.  It is from a visual Bible series that was used often in church services. 

Ahhh....that is the sound of something clicking in and finally making sense.  Did you ever have something that bugged you for years and never left you?  You'd forget about it for awhile, but something deep in the recesses your memory would always bring you back to....."where have I seen this person before."  There is a sweetness in the moment that it all comes together.  A knowledge coming to fruition.  That is how the real Samaritan woman at the well must have felt when she met Jesus and figured out he was the real deal.  How sweet for her.  How beautiful for all of us.


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