Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lesson 51: A Royal Pain

I can't resist posting the royal wedding that I remember---the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.  I was 10 years old and the memories of that very early morning deeply etched into my little girl brain are still with me today.  It amazes me that my own daughter will be exactly 10 when she watches Prince William wed Kate Middleton tomorrow morning.  Fast forward 30 years and you don't have to wake up early for fear of "missing it."  In the age of the DVR and youtube, how can one really miss anything?  I, of course, am setting my alarm early and will be traveling to London via my TV set.  I've always been honest with my weird sleeping habits, so you know I'll be awake (as will be my mother).  I have recently learned the amount of sleep one needs is actually an inherited genetic trait--so thanks mom.  I naturally wake up early, but even I may need a little extra caffeine boost.  I'll be drinking tea instead of coffee tomorrow morning.  I even bought some English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey.  I can't wait to try them.   So it's tea and crumpets for me tomorrow in honor of the royals I've been following my whole life.  They fascinate me. 

You know that famous movie line from Jerry Maguire--"You had me at hello."   Well, the royals had me at the coach.  I can still remember watching Lady Diana arrive in that horse drawn coach.  I never believed in a Cinderella story more than that day.  I spent the rest of my dating days always searching for that handsome prince.  I wondered how Diana fit all of that dress inside of that carriage.  In my book, it is one of the most beautiful gowns in the world.  Nothing in my mind has ever surpassed it.  I can't wait to see what Kate wears tomorrow.  I picture her in something sleeker, but we shall see.  The mystery of it all makes for half of the excitement.

Unfortunately for the 1981 royals, the Cinderella story turned out to be a more modern version but sort of worked in reverse.  The marriage that was full of hope and promise turned toxic and ended.  It had a happy beginning and ended in the most tragic way--the death of Diana caused by our obsession with her.  She was like the beautiful, coy fox, pursued by the English hunting hounds.  An event that forever changed the world. 
But life goes on and a new story unfolds.  It begins tomorrow with England's promise of a future King and Queen, hopefully with a modern twist, more human and accessible to the people who love them.

Why the title for this blog?  It is especially for my little Crown Prince of Firman, Sam.  For the last few days he's been a royal pain in the arse, both literally and figuratively---he's constipated.  So Sam has been making me, his father, his sisters, his teachers, his classmates, and anyone else who comes in six feet of him miserable.  The world is waiting for the big event in England tomorrow morning.  We are all waiting for the big event of our own--poop.  Sam had some success tonight, so he went to bed a happy, little man.  I don't think I'll wake him up at 4:30 am to watch the wedding.  I suppose I'll fill him in later.  He'll be cool with that.  Sam's not much for the mushy stuff.  Right now he's into WWF wresting.   'Nuf said. 

Night, night everyone.  I'll be off to London in a few hours.

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