Monday, September 5, 2011

Lesson 88: God is With Us

This is a post that needs not many of my words, just an urging to please pass this one along.  A news agency reported that this clip on youtube was receiving 10,000 views per hour.  I loved it so much that I posted it on my facebook page.  Given that Eloise keeps her identity mum, I have a whopping total of 94 facebook friends.  This blog, however has far greater readership--over 11,000 hits to date.  Therefore I am using both avenues of social media to spread this very important message.  I am hoping that my Slovenian friends will pass this along in their country as well.

After the third time I watched it and set down the Kleenex, I looked up the meaning of Emmanuel's name.  I knew it was something Biblical as I am a Christian and have recited it in prayers and sung it in songs (well tried to, anyway).  When I went to my name search site, I typed in "Emmanuel" in the search box.  A millisecond later, "God is with us" popped up.  My response was two little words: No doubt.


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