Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lesson 91: September Song

Eloise likes her music to match the season.  I'm a nerd that way--or maybe it's just the autism in me (I believe there is some in all of us).  Here is a good September song for you from one of my favorite short lived bands, Plain White T's.  They sing that song Delilah that topped the charts several years ago.  I haven't followed them closely much since, but relative Kayla P turned me on to this song.  Thanks for your timeliness, Kayla.  I was in the mood for a midweek blog post.

One year ago I learned how to post my first youtube video onto this blog.  It was an exciting day---oh the possibilities I was thinking of at that time!  Cool!  I can share my words AND music. How awesome!  If you want to look back through the archives, you'll find it--a September 14, 2010 post of Daughtry's song September.  I was writing about the nostalgia of my high school days.  The smell of grapes was in the air again, the marching band was practicing, and the same coaches were blowing their whistles on the football practice field as I left work today (happy coaches this year--my Huskies are 2-0!).  A year has gone by.  Some things have changed, yet others still stay the same.

Enjoy the September song.

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