Friday, March 30, 2012

Lesson 136: Another Danyl

Go ahead.  Click Watch on YouTube.  It will take you to what I want you to see, and it isn't a "trick", Mother.  (My mom has this paranoia that she is going to download a virus with every unknown click).  "It looked fishy," she said to me one day.  So I'm telling you it's OK, Mom.  Really.  Don't call me, text me, leave me three messages, or flash me SOS out your bedroom window with a flashlight.  It's really, really legit.

You'll see a 2009 clip from England's X Factor with Simon Cowell.  I came across this when I was looking for Sam's blog song.  I love this dude, Danyl Johnson.  I don't know what became of him beyond his beginning stardom a few years ago.  I don't know if he ever go a record deal,  but I am sure that he still has charisma.  I like Danyl because he is a teacher.  If you look into his bio, it appears that he is an elementary school teacher.  Clad in unassuming cargo shorts and simple sneakers, he wowed the crowed with his rendition of Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.  I put this on here as an example of someone who has that "X Factor."  That ability to connect with an audience and perform from his gut.  You can tell that that man truly loves music and feels it in his soul.  I bet he is one hell of a teacher, too.

He is the other Daniel--but he spells his name with a Y.  So who was the first?  Daniel Faraday.  Faraday.  That was the name of my now deceased computer.  Run his name through the Google box and you'll see who he is/was.  I got the same shell back this week, but it has a new brain, so hence, a new name.  I named this Lamp Post computer Stephen.  Can you guess why?  Losties may pick it up since my pen name is Eloise Hawking and she works out of the Lamp Post dharma station.  Stephen.  Hmmmm.   Got you thinking?  Good.  That was my aim tonight.  I'll leave you hanging a little bit because that is good for your brain.  I like to keep those that I love guessing, and that means you, Readers.  Even the Slovenians.


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