Friday, March 30, 2012

Lesson 137: With A Little Help From His Friends

Sam turned 5 this week, and boy oh boy does my boy deserve a blog post in his honor.  It's coming at you a bit late as I like to post things on the actual birthdays of my children, but I was experiencing some computer problems this past week.  Faraday had a meltdown and I had to put him to rest.  Continue reading past this blog onto post #136, to find out the name of my new computer.

Friends are important to anyone, but they seem to be an integral part of my son's life at the ripe old age of 5.  He's the youngest in my family and he was the last hurrah among my friends as well.  There are no kids his age we regularly socialize with.  Sam is kind of stuck doing things with his older teen and tween sisters.  A trip to Claire's at the mall really isn't on his Top Ten List of Things To Do.  So Mother Eloise tries to include a little boy into our weekend lives every so often so that Sam has someone his own age to play with.

His birthday party last weekend was the first time that I ever had more than one child over to play with Sam.  Six little boys came over for a couple of hours last Saturday and they had a great time.  I then realized after spending a couple of hours with all these boys that Sam may not be so bad after all.  I guess I (kind of) have to make a (weak) formal apology to Sam on this blog.  Maybe you aren't quite the hellion that I made you out to be.  They all wrestled.  They all punched each other in line waiting to play Angry Bird Toss.  They all were loud, chewed with their mouths open, burped up pizza, and asked to play Poker with their egg hunt change.  So they really are just little, tiny men.  It took me 41 years and one son to finally figure that out.  I had two girls first and never had a brother, so men are still a bit foreign to me.  Never really understood them, and have to admit I still don't.  But I do have a better understanding after this past weekend.  It was loud, crazy, and busy, but boy oh boy was the party ever fun.

Aside from all of the WWE Wrestlers and Angry Birds, Sam got some of the following lovely things that are now decorating my house:
A grow your own Alien.  His head blinks red when he needs fed.
Some more aliens---no not the one on the left, the little green guy on the right.
Mario is now a kitchen decoration.  At least Sam knows where his DS is.  No more hunting through the couch cushions.
Sam is a writer like his Momma.  Lately he is into leaving me notes taped everywhere in my house.  Miss Barb is doing a darn good job of teaching the kid to sound out and write words.  He was a bit crabby tonight and didn't like his sisters messing with his stuff, so he posted this sign on the kitchen counter--DNT SCH  (Do NoT TouCH).  I didn't think that was too bad for just turning 5, although I did tell him that was rude.

This photo I made larger because I am sure it is going to get the bigger laugh.  I can't remember what Sam was writing to me this week--he usually writes me a long page of letters and "reads" me what it says.  Take a look for yourself and put your deciphering skills to the test.  I think you'll see it on line 3 towards the end.  I guess we know what kind of a man he'll be one day.  I just had a mental flash of me ripping down posters of girls in red bikinis from his bedroom wall.  Lord help me.

Now for the real challenge:  Natalie's latest.  She's been drawing this picture of circles over and over and over again on her scrap computer paper her friend Carol gave her.  I threw the first few out, not realizing that she was making the same picture.  I've been watching Touch, the new Fox Channel show about the non verbal boy with autism who communicates through numbers, and now I have my own level of paranoia.  Is Natalie trying to tell me something?  She was with this picture.  I finally figured it out.  Can you guess?  That is your weekend homework.  Send me guesses if you want to and I'll tell you in a later blog post.

I'll make it easy on you for this one.  There is no guessing which of my children did this piece.  Here is Ellen's latest flower pastel from the last week.  I really like this one.  What am I going to do with all these art pieces of hers?  The drawer I keep them in is already overflowing and she's only 11!  If you have ideas, Readers, please send them to me.

I gave you a little homework this weekend, and I am about to load you up with some more.  Please scroll down to blog post #136 to read about another Danyl.  You have some more thinking to do.  Thinking is good; otherwise you are just existing and that is not so good.

Happy weekend and good luck with your homework!

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