Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lesson 214: Love's Rule Book

Happy Valentine's Day, Readers.  Here is your Bonus Post this week.

I wasn't planning on writing a separate blog for today.  I had another song I liked in mind and was planning on sharing that with you on Friday night. I still will do that for you, so check back again this weekend.  It's just that Cupid shot his arrow through my heart with this Peter Gabriel song.  Thank you Chris and Erica for playing it for me last weekend.  When I fall in love, I fall hard, and I fell for this song instantly.  I needed to share it with you today--Valentine's Day.

The words within the video are not my own.  They belong to Paul, written in his first letter to the Corinthians.  As with any organization of people, some dissension began to arise within the church in Corinth, so Paul sent a letter to them to remind them of some very important things.  One of the best things Paul wrote about was love.  His words from the 13th chapter appear on the video.

The song is fantastic and the words are even greater.  It is hard for Eloise to try to blend the two.  I recommend this for your Heart-Day Holiday Homework assignment:

  1. Listen to the song three times (I like my 3's).
  2. The first time through, because our eyes are so dominant, watch the pictures.
  3. On the second time through, read the words.
  4. On the third time through, close your eyes and listen to the song.  It should be in your heart by then.  It is awesome.  If it sounds familiar to you, it was the song that played on the last episode of the sitcom SCRUBS.
My book of love has been far from boring.  How about yours?
Show someone you love them today.

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