Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lesson 229: People Like Us

Did you ever have a headache, Readers?

Eloise does.  I think it's a tension headache.  I am going to try to tough it out and write this blog in spite of it. It should be an interesting read.  Good luck.

I turned to Pinterest tonight to see what the world had pinned to represent headaches.  Here is what I found:

Too bad I wasn't around in 1959.  They could have used Eloise for this advertisement.  Especially the nervous part.

Description: 1959 ANACIN vintage magazine advertisement "Nervous Tension Headache" -- Acts Instantly -- To give more complete relief from Nervous Tension Headache ... Anacin relaxes tension * releases pressure * relieves pain fast -- Size: The dimensions of the half-page advertisement are approximately 5.25 inches x 13.5 inches (13.25 cm x 34.25 cm). Condition: This original vintage half-page advertisement is in Excellent Condition unless otherwise noted.

Here's another nice representation of the throbbing:

Headache . . .

Eloise likes rocks, so I like this one better:

Richard Kilburne’s Headache, Ruth Marten, 2009
I'm in need of a remedy.  Let's see what Pinterest suggests:

Could someone run some essential oils over to the Lamp Post?

Headache remedy

Or maybe do some acupressure on me.  I suck at maps so I can't figure this out.

Accupressure points for headache relief. We use the hand pressure technique for headaches and it works well - pinner says "In working with clients with tension headaches I find a holistic approach is most effective..."

Crap.  I'm out of Coke.

coca cola ... named for it's medicinal ingredients, the coca leaf & the kola nut ... both of which are mild stimulants & the coca is a known pain reliever & settles the stomach

This is complete bull$h!t.  I just tried it.  Now my head is cold AND throbbing.  Pin this to your "Epic Fail" board.


My chiropractors have taught me that treating the symptoms is pointless unless you investigate the root of the problem.  I think I found it.  Eloise has a few haters out there.


If you are like me, a working parent trying to do everything, you'll do what I do most often--push through it and try to think of something else.  Think happy thoughts.  That makes me think of all of YOU. 

And just who are the YOU?  My Readers.  The hundreds of YOU who visit the Lamp Post every week.  People who have admittedly start your Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and a Lesson from the Lamp Post.  YOU are people like me.  Let me create somewhat of a profile for you.  Eloise the Profiler.  Let me be that tonight because I have a headache.  It sounds much more glamorous than Eloise the Teacher.  

YOU like nature

and notice the beauty of your environment.

(Those are ferns in my yard.  That is how they look when they first bloom.  I think they look like aliens).

YOU like funny or inspiring stories about children.  The well at the Lamp Post never runs dry on those.

YOU may like to exercise and share my love of outdoor fitness.

Betcha YOU like music.

I sure do.

Do YOU like photography,

or at least find humor in a good photo bomb?

What about a good mystery?  Do YOU like those?  
Good. Help me solve this one.
Fionnula Flanagan is back!

This letter arrived at the Lamp Post on Wednesday.  Inside was this poem:

To review, here are the clues I've collected over the past month, since I received this Random Act of Kindness in the mail on Good Friday, from an anonymous blog follower.  

Eloise's thinks that Fionnula:
  • Is female (Irish dame)
  • Knows my family (referred to my sister as Karen, not Kenyan)
  • Is a LOST fan (815 Oceanic Avenue/Fionnula)
  • Has read The Noticer (Orange Beach, AL)
  • Is intelligent (aren't all clever writers intelligent?)
  • Number 217 is significant (see it behind the text of the letter; it was also on the lamp post from the card last week)
Many of my blog followers have sent me their guesses.  My clever friend in South Carolina, Tracy Southern pointed out last week that when the numbers are flipped upside down they spell LIZ.  Type the numbers 351073 on a calculator and you will see the name of someone you know.

Cousin Bonnie had the best guess of last week, and I think she's onto something.  Bonnie wrote:

Blogger Bonnie said...
I love a good mystery! Perhaps the clue in the card is pointing you back to your own Lesson 217? Could Fionnula's identity be revealed in your own words or pictures somewhere in that particular blog? Just a thought--enjoy the weekend! ~B.

Now isn't that just so cool?!?!?!  Fionnula's identity to be revealed within my own writing.  The new letter suggests exactly that.  If you look closely, the word LESSON in the letter is bold face.

Lesson 217 was my birthday blog.  I've been back through it a dozen times and can't find the link.  Maybe you can help me out, Readers.  Look back to Lesson 217:  I Was Here and see if you see something that I missed.  You can't see the forest through the trees, you know.  Also, the song I used for the photos was I Was Here by Lady Antebellum, which can be found on my youtube account.  Check it out.

I bet a few of you will do just that.  I'll be able to see it in my blog statistics.  That is how I know Lesson 26:  Horizontal Stripes Are Not Flattering is one of your favorites, and also why an obsessed Blake Shelton fan reads Lesson 127:  Moon Me every day, several times a day.

I know you'll help me solve this mystery because I would do the same for YOU.  YOU are just like me.  That statement is making Eloise feel a little better, because I think People Are Awesome.  That makes me awesome by default.

My headache is starting to ease up.  See, my tried and true method always works.  Busy yourself with something you love and eventually you forget about the pain.  

If I'm honest with myself, I suppose my tension headache could have something to do with this new toy:

Even the donkey looks pissed about it.

This was Sam pretending to ride it before his baseball game on Wednesday.  Even though Mother Eloise played Key Keeper and had the key in my pocket, Sam got lost in his own world of make believe.  Look closely to see his left leg extended.  I watched him strike several figure skater-esque type poses (one leg out, toe pointed; one handed) and I finally had to ask what he was doing.  "Warming up for my tricks,"  said my six year old.  

Throb, throb, throb goes the head.

My girls and I held hands and vowed to stay strong through this adventure.  
My boys have a need for speed.

Time to get lost in some books.  That always helps me cope with stress.  I have a kindle, but Eloise prefers a paper back copy to read out in nature, while propped against the bark of my favorite leaning tree.

Now is a good time to give you the Lamp Post's Summer Reading selections.  Summer vacation is a month away for Eloise, so you have about that much time to make your purchases.  The response was very good over my last book pick, The Noticer by Andy Andrews.  I think I found two more good ones that almost everyone will enjoy.

Here is the first one:
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This is a non fiction book about the science behind habit formation as applied to ourselves, societies, and businesses.  I haven't completed the entire book yet, but it is so good, I am recommending it already.  My blog themes in June will correspond with this theme.

Here is my pick for July:
Divergent by Veronica Roth

This was a recommendation from a fifth grader, believe it or not (thanks, Kate), and it ended up being one of my favorite books of all time.  This is a dystopian fiction book, similar to The Hunger Games.  It was read by some of my very bright tweens and teens.  Even though the book is marketed as Young Adult Fiction, the underlying themes are more mature and may be missed or misunderstood by the younger audience.

The hook on the top of the book cover reads One choice can transform you.  You will meet Beatrice, the protagonist of the story, who is transformed by her fear.  Fear will be the blog theme of July.  It will make for some great, late night reading with the fireflies and the crickets.

Who are YOU, Readers?  Who are the YOU who make up my 3.000 plus blog hits per month?
Each of YOU must be a little like me in some way or another.

I've attracted the people who are like me!

It is inevitable that we attract people like us and repel those whose values do not align with ours.  Take a good look at the people around you.  Who have you attracted?  Are you proud of the company you keep?

Enjoy some photos from this week set to Kelly Clarkson's new song, People Like Us.  

Make the day a great one.  I know you will, because that is what I plan on doing.

YOU sure did make for a great headache reliever.  Thank you!


BookWoman said...

Hope you are feeling better....

smkraft said...

Do not know if it has any significance, but it looks like "Hidalgo" is in bold type too. You once determined the zip code is that of Hidalgo....

smkraft said...

You also reference other blogs in 217, especially 127 (which has the same numbers as 217.) Maybe there is a clue there?