Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lesson 235: Amy & Brad

Another wedding weekend for us here at the Lamp Post. 
This time it was Brad and Amy.

This is Amy.  She's my neighbor.  I moved into my new house when I was seven months pregnant with Natalie.  I saw Amy peeking out of her windows at the moving van. She was a shy elementary schooler back then.  Since the birth of Natalie, she's rocked my babies, cleaned my house, organized my closets, watered my plants, fed my pets, nannied my children, and never has missed a single one of their birthdays. 

This is Brad.  He stole Amy's heart a few years ago, as well as swiped my babysitter.  The Lamp Post may go into a quick deterioration without Amy next door.  Never fear though.  She's only a few miles away, and I don't think she'll ever lose her need to clean.  Amy, you are welcome to work your magic at the Lamp Post anytime you get the itch.

Amy and Brad were the bride and groom today. 

They had the perfect day.

Ellen and Natalie were the bridesmaids.

Sam got to be the helper.  

He had the important jobs of handing out the programs,

and passing out bubbles.

Last Sam told me, he wanted to be a policeman.  The kid should consider a job in sales though. No one could refuse bubbles from Sam, and he made sure everyone read their program.

What did Eloise do?
Took the pictures, of course.

Amy gave me a list.  It made me twitch.  

I'm not so much of a planned picture-taker-er. 
 We left the checking off to Cousin Amber.  She was the calm, organized one.

Eloise prefers the spur of the moment stuff.

I'm a sucker for babies.

And cute little kids.

I look for numbers.

Like wedding dates on grape posts.

And triple threes on the back of cars.

I love shoe shots.

I look for words, too.  
You can arrange Amy and the bridesmaids' initials in several combinations.




and, the best--

The new trend is to include written signatures and advice for newlyweds.  

Those stations can be easily ELOSIED, however.

 I was able to capture a few golden moments.

Some to make this Memorial Day weekend very memorable.

 One memorable event of the afternoon was the garter toss.

Sam, stepped up to the plate.  A competition for catching.
Heck.  My boy was IN!

Sam was shoved to the front by a few seemingly uninterested adult males.

And made the best diving catch ever in garter catching history.

It was later we broke the news that he had to get married.
"THAT'S A RIP OFF!" Sam shouted.
He hid under the table for a good part of the reception.

Amy and Brad, we wish you all the luck in the world.  No luck is involved however.  You are ready and well prepared for this union.  You have a strong reliance on your faith, your family, and your friends.  That alone will see you through to your sixty-fourth year of marriage. (There was really a couple at the wedding who had been married that long!).

We did leave today's celebration with a smile, because we will be friends forever.

Enjoy the video of some pictures set to Amy and Brad's song--Day Before You, by Rascal Flatts.


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