Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lesson 234: Freedom

It's Memorial Day weekend, Readers!

Slovenians, this is the day US citizens remember those who died  while serving in the United States military.  We pause to reflect how those men and women helped us secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

Freedom.  Eloise likes the word.  I always thought it would make a good name for a pet, like a cat or something.  It would be a constant reminder of the gift we have as Americans.  We have many freedoms, despite the ranters who believe the whole country is going to pot.  Eloise believes otherwise.  

By definition, freedom means:


  1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
  2. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
liberty - independence - license 

The first definition gives me the power to write this blog and offer up my perspectives on life publicly without fear.  Eloise thinks that freedom of speech is our most important political right.  The freedom to communicate our opinions is respected at the Lamp Post.  

Well, for most of us, anyway.  Sometimes Eloise gets sick of some opinions, so I do this:

A few weeks ago I wrote about the British propaganda posters during World War 2.  The history behind them is very interesting.  They have been brought to public awareness again with the Keep Calm remakes.  

The original looked like this:
(the crown represented the Queen's crown)

Spins on the saying are many and frequent (i.e Duct tape).  Here are some more that remind me of my friends:

For Keri:

For Tracy Southern:

For my Super Hero loving friends:

If you are bored this weekend, Google British propaganda posters/WW2.  They are very interesting.  This one makes me think of today's blog post:

That will rile up the Tea Party this weekend, won't it? No matter your political views, we all stand together to honor our fallen heroes this weekend.  Honor and respect is always non partisan.  Take some time to remember what they did for you.

Memorial Day always falls on the last Monday in May giving lots of us an extra day off.  What will Eloise be doing on her bonus day?  Recovering.  Me and a carload full of girlfriends will be headed to a Tim McGraw concert on Sunday.  Because the event will be such a memorable night, check back on Monday for some pictures of my friends and I as we rock in the summer, the country music way.

I've been cleaning out the car all evening, as well as charging the camera battery.  Ahhh, the Cannon.  I've come to realize it is striking the fear of God into my girlfriends.  Fearing my lens, they are suddenly combing through their closets to find the perfect outfit, only to realize that the shirt they were looking for is virtual.  They pinned it on Pinterest.  Bummer.

This is part of our message feed:

Jen Kelly
It's your fault camera crazy lady that we're overly concerned about apparel 

Eloise Hawking
I'm going to do my blog and score your tests. Check the blog to see how you did.
This will be a ton of fun, but in exchange you risk photos and blog fodder---all the way to Slovenia and back.

It's a law of Karma--like attracts like.  Clever little thing, Jen is.  It's the price I pay for having clever friends--snappy retorts shot right back at me.

Country concerts are the best.  You can wear a burlap sack if you want to and you'll blend right in.  The concert is outdoors, so Eloise will be sporting the ever fashionable jeans and a sweatshirt.  I put my boot choices publicly on facebook, asking my friends which pair I should wear.  

The response was unanimous.  Eloise is going in the red ones.  My Footloose boots. 

Now hang on a minute, Eloise?  What was that you wrote back there?  Something about a TEST?  What is that all about?

All right, Readers.  If you must know, I gave the girls a test to help me decide the seating arrangements.  We are all going together in my van, and they all claim "car sickness" and need to ride shotgun.  How does Eloise choose?  The only way I know how.  I designed a test.

At the time of this writing, I have four turned in, with three on the loose.  Points are docked for late assignments.  The basic tests have been scored.  I'm working on the essays now.  Yes, essays.  

This person tried to earn some bonus points with test graffiti:

It is now 11:45 on Friday night, and I can hear my facebook tab beep.  That means another test is coming in that I have to score.  Eloise has a late night tonight, an early workout, and a wedding tomorrow.  I'm plumb out of time to write.  

But before I break into VanTrap version of the Goodbye song, I will leave you with a few teasers.  They are good thinking questions.  Thinking is good.  Here is your homework, which you will find out the answers to on next week's blog:

Who has sent Elo a mysterious package?

Did Eloise really win the big one?

Take your guesses---what is this?  It's in Eloise's garage and is her summer project.

What on earth is this?

What did Sam's note from his Kindergarten teacher say?

Sorry Readers.  Another chime from facebook, which means another test has been turned in.  It's after midnight and my carriage just turned back into a pumpkin.  I got a ball I'm going to tomorrow (Amy & Brad's wedding), and plan on having a ball on Sunday (Tim McGraw's concert).  Eloise needs her beauty sleep in case she comes in direct contact with Handsome. 

Fatigued as I am, I have trouble sleeping when I am excited, so I guess I will have to heed the advice of this Keep Calm poster:

Ok.  I can do that.  Without a doubt.

Think about your freedoms this weekend, Americans.  Eloise will.  Plus she'll be on her way to see the Two Lanes of Freedom tour, too!  Click on the video below to watch  some photos from the week, set to Tim McGraw's title track.  You're sure to love it.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night....I hate to go, and leave this pretty sight.....

PS--Check back on Monday for a concert update!  If the blog isn't up, assume I'm on the tour bus and that Tim was in need of a blogger.

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