Friday, June 6, 2014

Lesson 304: Sing!

It's official, Readers.
Time to sing this little tune!
Celebrate the end of the school year with this free "school is out" printable!  Print it and frame it or even just hang it on your kid's bathroom mirror, on the door out to the garage or even place it on the dinner table!  Share in your kid's excitement!
It's time for the heckling to begin.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Its summer vacation for teachers, let the hating begin.

It's fine.
I'm used to the teasing.
But you who dish me continual $h!t from June through August, I say this:
YOU try it.
Teaching is much harder than it seems.

As much creativity and energy and love I give to my family, my home and this blog,
 is also extended to my students.

My cousin Jan, who spent her entire career in education
posted this today.

You got that right, Jan!

This was my selfie from earlier today when I was trying different hairstyles to go with a dress
for my nephew Dan's wedding.

You'd think I'd clean up my own dark circles with photo editing---and I did.
Even Blemish Remover on couldn't disguise my fatigue.

Here's somebody who ISN'T fatigued.

Sam is all rip roarin' and ready to go.

We kicked off the summer with a celebration for Grandma's birthday.

69 years sure is a reason to sing!

On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we gathered at the Lamp Post for breakfast.

Sam thought D-Day meant Doughnut Day.
He's only 7, I thought.  
I have plenty of years to explain it all to him.
And then I found out it actually WAS Doughnut Day!

Free doughnuts for everyone on Grandma's birthday. 
Very sweet!
 (pun intended)

Any Erieite knows that these beat the pants of Krispy Kreme any day.

They were on my counter top this morning.
Kenyan and I would do anything for our mother.
Grandma wants bagels and doughnuts for her Birthday Breakfast,
doughnuts and bagels is what she gets.

Grandma always wants her picture with the two of us,
and then we have to stand there and delete photo after photo
because she never likes her picture.

We settled on this one for today.
She made Ellen take it because Grandma hates selfies.

My eye for photography is an inherited trait passed down from my mother.
She is very good with design, as is my dad.
It isn't the Hey!  Look where I am! that annoys my mother about selfies.
It's the angle.  
Grandma says selfies make people's noses look big.

So, Kenyan and  I tested her theory.

I asked her and she said, 
Not really in that one, but your dark circles are showing.

And your teeth look like horse teeth in this one,
says Grandma.

Notice she didn't say one unkind thing about Kenyan.
Babies of the family always get babied,
even when they are 42.

Because Kenyan is like putty in my hands, 
I whispered to her,
Psssst.  Grab Mom for a selfie!

The old bat put up quite a fight, but Kenyan won.
My sis is skinny, but she's strong.

My plan worked!
Now I'm my mother's favorite.
Grandma came over after the party and told me that she liked my gifts the best.

Speaking of gifts,
I got lots of them as Year-End thank yous.

Awesome flowers.

How about this?
Fake camera key chain,

That really is a hand sanitizer holder!

I think this though, is going to be the catalyst for a summers worth of blogtime fun!
Stay tuned.

Yearbooks have been read and reread this week at the Lamp Post.
This is Harbor Creek's yearly summary.

Sam got one from his elementary school.

Yes, Grandma.  
I know you are looking into my messy pantry behind Sam.
It's on my To Do List.  

As is the refrigerator door.

Grandma hates clutter. 
I tell her the refrigerator door is just an outward manifestation of my brain.
Kenyan just moved up to the #1 Daughter Spot again because of it.
Oh, well.
Black sheep don't hang out long in the ivory tower.
Half a post was all I got.

Natalie got her yearbook from Seneca, 
the neighboring high school where she attends classes.

Only two people signed Natalie's yearbook, her teacher and Alexis. 
Natalie only has 6 people in her class, 
and only two can write--one of them being Natalie,
and the other being Alexis, whose last name I couldn't make out.  

Natalie will have her yearbook with her everywhere we go during the month of June.
Mother Eloise always has a pen handy.  
Please sign it!

The exit of the school year leads us to the entry of Summer!
As always, the Lamp Post institutes Summer Rules.
Summer Rules 2014,comin' at ya'. 

Responsibilities and rewards are at an all time Great Divide.  Each child has a different motivation.  Punishments are equally as diverse.  I modeled the Summer Rules 2014 after school rules.  My principals like to keep things simple and memorable for their students.  All suggest 3 areas that encompass all major infractions. (And you think I don't pay attention at Faculty Meetings...)

This is an example of what we use in our schools.

Out of the bus seat while it is moving?
You have broken the SAFE rule.

Forget your homework for the fifth time?
You are not very RESPONSIBLE.

Call your teacher a #^%$^ under your breath?
You certainly are not being RESPECTFUL.
(Note:  Teacher Super Power = Superb Hearing)

The Lamp Post has adopted a similar philosophy, 
as surviving the summer is an ART.

In order for things to work efficiently at the Lamp Post, 
we need to have good attitudes, 

keep up with responsibilities,

and work as a team.

Our overarching rules are pasted on the (messy) cleaning supply pantry door.
The Wall of Shame is posted kitty corner on the (even messier) food pantry door.
Methinks I got a rotten onion in there somewhere.

When a major infraction occurs, one of my dependents must write out the wrong,
and post it on the Wall of Shame.

Day #2 of Summer Vacay and we already have 3!

And while we're on the subject of Art---
Handsome Himself is appearing on Oprah Winfrey's Master Class on Sunday night.
Eloise gives the black hat with the pink shirt a double thumbs up.
I'll be watching.

I had a ton of fun watching my facebook post from earlier this week.
Kiddingly I shared this picture that a friend sent me.
Thought of you, Eloise, was the message from a friend.

I shared the photo and made a comment about my desire to take 
my photography skills to a whole new level.
I also gave my great legs a mention,
thinking for certain that everyone would get my jest.

I got a ton of comments--most telling me to be careful, 
but some stating my legs did look spectacular!

No one realized that I had 20 years on the girl
(okay, 25 years)
and 30 pounds
(okay, okay 40 pounds)

Still, thank you everyone for your compliments.

I did create a facebook poll today with my real photo.
Long hair?

Or shorter for the summer?

Current tally:

One voted for a crew cut.
A self professed stalker insisted on a cut, then asked for a lock.

I'm still undecided.  

I think I'll contemplate the fate of my tresses on my next run through the woods.
These beauties came across my path the other day.

I had my camera,

and the lighting was perfect.

Did you see this fawn rescue?
                                       Cousin Bonnie shared it on facebook this week.
It's worth watching.
Click the link below.

Fawn rescue

The deer weren't the only ones under my lens this week.
My birds all took their first flights!

The one on the lawn is the one pictured above.
I was standing there as it took off.
Mama was waiting.

Robins are still speckled and have tufts of feathers when they go out into the world.

This one in particular was ready to be rid of me.

If I let my creativity wander,
I picture this, my fate:

You're on your own now, Little Birdie.
Time to sing your Big Bird Song.

And while we're on the topic of music, 
one of my favorite summer shows started--
America's Got Talent!

This is my favorite singer so far:
Jaycob Curlee.

Click below to see his story.

This is my favorite band.
They are all siblings and call themselves
The Willis Clan.

Click below to listen to a very cool version of My Favorite Things.

I'll be singing my own song this summer, Readers.
Stop by the Lamp Post to have a listen, 
but I can guarantee you it will be completely out of tune.

By next Friday, I'd like to have those dark circles gone and be sporting a bit of a tan.  For the meanwhile, take a look at the photos from the week, set very appropriately to Ed Sheeran's catchy song, Sing!


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