Friday, June 13, 2014

Lesson 305: Dance!

It's the weekend!  Shake your booty!

I just returned from the girls' dance recital.

The 70's themed show was a crowd pleaser.  Before tonight, the 70's musical era ranked somewhere between Blue Grass and Show Tunes on my Musical Ladder.  After tonight's performances, it's moved up a couple of rungs.  I'm simultaneously downloading music and writing this blog, so I have to get a move on, so I can get my grove on!

Some friends and I got our move on last weekend.  
We completed Six Pack Run #4--a 9 miler in the hot sun,

I took photos of them,

and the fantastic scenery along the way.

We all made it to the parking lot, 
where I hid a hidden money envelope.

Eloise was not going to be outdone by Chicago and Dallas!
Leslie won!

She was a double winner last weekend because Leslie got a double scoop of Eloise.
I also attended her cooking class as part of my Challenge Erie 5 wellness program.

We learned lots of ways to cook healthy food,
(aka--ways to make vegetables taste good).

 I couldn't wait to come home and try the recipes out.
My kitchen first mate at the Lamp Post is Natalie. 
 My girl loves to cook and bake.

We had a really pretty, outdoor workout last weekend, too.

We like to keep things positive at Team Adrenaline.

Still, once in awhile I witness the ugly.
Pushing people to their physical limits sometimes gets you this stuff.

It's okay, Everyone.

Everything is forgivable.

If you aren't ready to try a hill climb yet,
and you aren't fully ready to combat zombies in Zombies Run!, 
perhaps you'll like this.
It's Eloise's Find of the Week.

This ap for your iPhone is called The Walk,
a story/game written by Naomi Alderman, lead writer of Zombies Run!.

Here's the photo story if you are interested.
It may be a great place to start if you are a beginner.

It's a story and I like stories.  
We went to see the movie version of one of my latest and greatest teen fiction novels,
The Fault in our Stars.

The girls even coordinated their outfits to match the cover of the book.
Eloise gives the movie two thumbs up,
but bring Kleenex.

Sam is into these books right now.

He read book #7 today.
Granted, the stories have characters named Professor Pippy PeePee Poopypants,
and plot lines that involve wedgies and boogers.
But reading in the summer by choice is simply
reading in the summer by choice. 

 Yeah for you, Sam!

I snapped a photo of this little cherub,

reading with her Mommy while at a Little League game.

It's one of my favorite shots of the week.
Just a word of caution to the budding amateur photographers like me--
remember to ask permission to photograph--especially children.

Family is fine.

and so are children of parents you know.

Just remember a "may I take a photo?" goes a long way in this day and age.
Also remember to share the shots if you get some good ones.

These little girls, some of whom are my students, 
were playing  a game with the post that marked the outfield.

I watched them swing round and round the pole,

giggling with delight at their Made Up Summertime Game.

This outfielder was fine when they were just swinging,

but when the singing started, it wrecked his mojo.

I look at this photograph and immediately think
Carefree Childhood Summer.

Eloise is immediately awestruck at the following link my friend Kristen C sent me.

Click below to see the work of Russian Elena Shumilova.
Don't miss them.
The duck one is my favorite.

We were a bit carefree midweek when we all attended Sam's elementary school picnic
at our local amusement park.

Sam got over his fear of rides, 

and was the last kid left in line for many of them.

Natalie, on the other hand, does not like rides.
We tested her on one, just to see if maybe she's warmed to them in her sixteen years.
Here was our answer:

There is nothing more pathetic than watching Natalie cry.
She'll be holding the sunglasses, hats, and keys for us at Disney for sure.

We stuck her on the carousel, and all was well again.

Natalie also likes the Sky Ride, too.

Here's a cool thing I figured out about the Waldameer Sky Ride:

There are 33 cars!

Here's #33,
(it should have been green)

Here's #1.

And here's the proof---
one right after the other!

Even looking back at the week makes me tired.
I'm already thinking of breakfast and I haven't gone to bed yet.
I'm going to have these eggs that my enterprising young student, Taylor J
pulled fresh from her chicken coop.

Thanks, Taylor J!

I still have one more night of Disco Inferno ahead, so I better turn in for tonight.  I expend lots of energy just sitting in the auditorium seat.  You can't help but groove and move to the music.

Here are the rest of the photos set to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake's song, Love Never Felt So Good.  You are right fellas (one dead and the other living)--love is a good thing.  Go spread some this weekend.


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