Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lesson 307: Sight of the Sun

Eloise has returned from the cottin' pickin' south unscathed!
It was a great trip and I am very happy!

The weekend trip meant much more to me than simply seeing Handsome 
perform in the south.

For starters, it was a chance for my family to have to survive a few days without Mother Eloise.
It only took one day for this romantic text to come in from my hubby.
He is listed as Prince Charming in my phone.

The contest for next week is to guess what my response was.
Message me your best guesses and I'll reveal the follow up blue conversation box next week.

They sure were glad to see me upon my return! 
This is my crew at the baggage claim in Erie International Airport,
which I now realized is a speck of dirt compared to Detroit and Charlotte.

I wish you could have been there to watch them greet me as I got off of the airplane.  On the final leg of the return trip I relaxed enough to chat with some people.  A husband and wife from Westfield, NY were on the exact same flights I was, to Charlotte and back.  As we walked through the gates after landing in Erie, they witnessed the reunion first hand.  At the baggage claim they wished me well and said, "You described them all so perfectly.  You should write a book or something."

Secondly, navigating airports solo was my Big Challenge of Summer 2014.
I've flown a couple of times before, but had friends or family to rely on. 

Airports can be very confusing to the novice traveler.

I looked for these and asked questions when I needed to.

The poor Delta help desk people. 
"I am just double checking on this.....," asked Eloise.
"Triple checking," replied the smiling gate attendant.

I navigated the Detroit tunnel,

found my gate in plenty of time,
and watched the planes come in.

I found myself some great reading material,

and my keen nose sniffed out the coffee!
I've learned there's plenty of it in airports.

Will Eloise ever become a world traveler?

Well, since you put it that way.....

I'm still writing my own story and I'm not ready to put down the pen anytime soon.
It's hard to imagine, but I'm not counting anything out.
I mean, heck, there are places in the world like this?

And this?

And things to do like this?

Oh, the possibilities!

For the Bomb Dot Com of all travel experiences, check this out!

Around the World in 360 degrees

Click the link below.  It's well worth the watch.

The lover of keys decided that it would be fitting 
to collect key chains from the places she's been.
I started my collection with these two.

Tracy Southern's family gave me a warm welcome,

and showed me what southern hospitality really meant.

Here I am with my bridesmaids on the way to see Handsome.
My Matron of Honor made this lovely sign.

No one wanted to touch my hand, though.
Most people sitting near us were a bit tipsy.
We were in the cheap lawn seats.
People who sit there have to get them because 
that's all they can afford when they drink $11 concert beers.

Sneaky Eloise stashed her camera 'neath a few decoys.

My banned zoom lens helped me sneak a shot of Tim's well toned muscles,

and his new tattoo!

The photos became even clearer when we upgraded to seats closer to the stage

At 47, Tim McGraw looks great!
He attributes a regimented diet and regular exercise program for his physique.
Handsome supports Team McGraw, part of the Tug McGraw Foundation.

Cousin Bonnie found this link for me:

Thanks for a great show, Handsome.

Cindereloise flew from the amphitheater so fast that I lost a shoe!
I know you have it, so just head north to Pennsylvania to find me.
I'll be waiting.

Because I lost a shoe, I had to get a new pair.
The updated Wave Inspire is white with blue soles.  
Perfect for Cindereloise's next destination.

Instead of wearing them WITH diamonds,
I can wear them TO the diamonds.

We were short on players for the last game and had to borrow one from the other team!

Sam called the loaner a smurf.
Mother Elosie called him a spy.

Eloise put her secret agent skills to good use today.
I found this scooter early this morning while running past the little league field.

After considerable time in deep thought,
I concluded this kid-powered vehicle must belong to Lucas.

Finding left behind items is just one of the benefits of early morning exercise.
Sunrises are another.

Always stay in sight of the sun, Readers.

And when it does rain on your wedding or picnic or ballgame,
no worries.
Change your perspective instead.

Good advice, Charlie Brown!

No matter whatever the summer brings--the sunny days or the rainy ones,
ENJOY the moments.

I chose the FUN song Sight of the Sun for the photo video this week.
The song is catchy and has great lyrics.  

Have a great weekend.
See you next week on the Fourth of July!


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