Friday, May 1, 2015

Lesson 358: Hubby, Meet Handsome

It's Friday, and Eloise has many things to celebrate.
First of all, my favorite singer Tim McGraw turns 48 today!

For those of you new to this blog,
Eloise is Tim McGraw's #1 Fan.

I am particularly proud of Tim as he was chosen as 
one of Time Magazine's
Top 100 Most Influential People.

This is an issue worth reading. 

The other 99 were very interesting choices, too.

Artists could nominate other artists of influence.
Notice Carrie Underwood nominated Audra McDonald.

You just gotta love Tim McGraw!

I like his singing,
his political views,
and his dedication to health and fitness.
Sure has paid off for the man.

Tim McGraw, we're rooting for you, too (Daren Fentiman/ZUMA)

Team, I do believe this is part of an airborne burpee,

Go, Tim, go! (Daren Fentiman/ZUMA Wire)

and some handstand push ups.

Look at him go! (Daren Fentiman/ZUMA Wire)

It's been a  hot and steamy four year love affair between Handsome and I.
I think it is time that Hubby and Handsome finally meet.

I think it's only fair to all parties involved,
don't you?

Eloise and family are headed to see Tim McGraw in concert this summer!
The tickets have been purchased.

Please join us!
More details on this later in the blog post.

For now,
some weekly Lamp Post news.

I finally won something!
I received these prizes in a random drawing 
by the Barber Beast on the Bay officials.
Eloise is registered for the obstacle course race this coming September.
Thank you Barber National!

I've been balancing excitement of my winnings and my upcoming concert 
with the sad news out of Nepal this week.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal- wow great pin @Kylah & Alec ( ! Thanks for joining us on #PinUpLive tonight!

This beautiful country was crumbled by a devastating earthquake.
Complete cities,

Darjeeling, India. Perfect place for *Dharma Flow* yoga with Alix (click image)!   #YogaDownload #TakeYogaAnywhere

reduced to rubble.

The article link below not only gives the latest statistics of the 
6,000 confirmed dead,
thousands still missing,
and 70,000 homes destroyed,
but it also cautions of fundraising scams.

This tragedy has left me confused and saddened.
Pastor Keith will be doing the homework for me as to where best donate.

Eloise has always been drawn to Nepal.
I cannot answer that.
I just am.

Often when I am surfing through pinterest, 
and pin something on my Journey board, 
I find that it was a photo of or from Nepal.

So many things Eloise finds interesting--
that maybe I'd love to see through my lens one day.

In Kathmandu, a Festival for Women - Arts & Lifestyle - The Atlantic Cities

This Pin was discovered by ツ Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Feed temple monkeys (Swayambhunath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Maybe it's the city Kathmandu---
I love how it's spelled.

Or maybe it's the use of this phrase,
which was such a big part of LOST, my favorite TV series,
in the seasons of the Dharma initiative.

namaste (nah-mas-tay): My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one. | I mean it from the center of my universe. | #paradigmshift

It's been said that the Nepalese hill people are some of the most peaceful people in the world.
Just look at their children!

"The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation."  Ray L. Wilbur

Kathmandu, Nepal - In Newari Culture girls are married 3 times. First one is with one of the fruits called BEI. Next with the Sun and finally with a boy.

Let's Eat ... Tibet/The children made her laugh. Tessa loved the little ones. She never missed an opportunity to touch them and smile. This was why Chase loved her.

the children of Nepal are so beautiful

Eloise will be remembering Nepal in her prayers.
Will you?

How different is Sam's life from the Nepalese?
It's mind boggling to think they can exist in the same world,
at the same point in time.

Here's Sam today.
Ellen gifted him her old iPod.

She also set him up with a free texting ap.
The two are having deep conversations
 while sitting side by side on the couch.

Sam has been texting everyone.
He's particularly fond of contacting Jack.

Ellen went to a spring dance last weekend.
Natalie helped Ellen get ready for a change.

Natalie even gave Ellen a kiss.
Natalie hasn't been too fond of smooches,

until now!
Natalie thinks that is the standard pose.

Little League began its first week for the boys teams.

The kids pitch for part of the game at this level,

and our resident south paw got a turn on the mound.

No one watched Sam more closely than his big sister.
She's been beaned by his wild pitches before.

Sam did just fine in Ellen's eyes.

Maybe that was because her parents were in them.

Bird Nerd news of the week:
The robin that has been constantly peeking in my parents' windows,
has moved next door to my house.

He taps,
and pecks,
and chirps,
and poops all over the windows.

Hubby is Mr. Clean and has been walking around with a Windex bottle for a week,
in a losing battle with nature.

I caught him making loud noises, 
attempting to shoo my bird away.

The bird flew directly over to his newly washed and buffed truck,

and let Louie know what he thought of that!

Eloise had a heart breaker one night this week.

My backyard bird's nest I've been so eager to photograph 
is now empty.

I was really excited to see what hatched out of that brood--
as one mysterious egg appeared days after the other three.
The third was slightly bigger and somewhat off color from the others.

I am completely heartbroken over these broken eggs.

Cousin Bonnie may have found an explanation.
Bird Nerds can click on the full article below.
I may have had a brood parasite,
and I believe it was a cuckoo!

The calendar turn to May not only marked Handsome's birthday,
but also was a symbolic close to our winter activities.

Sam's bowling banquet---

and the last tournament of the year for Louie.

Time to put away the bowling balls,
and the winter hats.

Autism Awareness month officially has ended.
The Light it Up Blue campaign was a success.

I believe, as a whole, we are taking large strides toward
understanding and tolerance.

The Erie Walk for Autism was successful.
Friends and family laced up their shoes to show their support.

Many of you have inquired where the money goes.

Here is your answer.

A chunk of the Lamp Post Fun Money was spent on
Tim McGraw tickets this week!

The fab five is going to the July 30th show in Darien Lake, NY!
Come with us!
We got a great deal!

With the purchase of $32 lawn seats,
for an additional $16 per ticket,
you can get an amusement park/water park pass
and spend the entire pre-concert day at the park.

Darien Lake Park Admission - Discounted Concert Upgrade

 Turn your concert experience into a full day of thrills and chills with more than 45 rides, including six world-class roller coasters; the region's largest water park; and the park's newest thrill experience…Blast Off, a 185-foot vertical launch tower.

Darien Lake Theme Park is just a 2 hour, easy drive east on I-90.
It's a great park and concert venue.

It's where I saw my first Tim McGraw concert with my sister in 2011.

I liked Tim so much I went to a big stadium to see him the following summer.
I went with my friend Keri.
We had nosebleed seats,

But that was fine,
because I have an incredible zoom.

The 2012 Brothers of the Sun Tour with Kenny Chesney was the hot ticket of the summer.
As the concert semis moved east,
they made a stop at the Harborcreek Walmart.

After 9,000 calls to my cellphone that the Tim McGraw vans were local,
I made my way over to the parking lot, and found Tim McGraw's equipment driver.
We chatted for nearly an hour about the Tim McGraw tour life.

I won him over with my charm, 
and he gave me a special Back Stage Pass to come and meet Tim in person,
for the last scheduled concert of the season.

I didn't go, 
because Sam started his first day of Kindergarten the next day, 
and I would have missed it.

I convinced some friends to go with me for another Handful of Handsome
on Memorial Day weekend 2013.

And a Handful of Handsome it was!
Tim tipped his black hat to Eloise,
and I got to give him a high five and slap him on the shoulder 
of his baby-bottom soft, leather jacket.

I was still on a high a year later when I booked a ticket to go see 
Tim play in the south in June of 2014.
I flew solo to Charlotte, NC to my find Tracy Southern's house,
and changed planes in Detroit!

I convinced these southern belles to come along.

Even in the south, I became somewhat of a celebrity
among the drunk college kids in the lawn seats.

We didn't stay in the lawn seats long!
We were offered a chance to move up to the 20th row,
and we did!

Handsome sang to me all night.

Summer of 2015 offers up the Shotgun Rider Tour.

Eloise and the whole family will be there to watch.
If you want to witness the event of Hubby Meets Handsome,
get yourself a ticket!
Get the cheap combo pass add on, too.
We can ride roller coasters and water slides together 
for the concert pep rally!

A concert with Eloise isn't just a circled date on a calendar page--
it's an EVENT!

As the sun sets on this blog,
I wish you all a weekend of peace.
Thank the good Lord for all that you have.
Ask for strength for the people of Nepal.

Enjoy a photo collage of Eloise's Tim McGraw concert photos.  They are set to the perfect song--Shotgun Rider.  Please be mine this July.  I'd love a day of fun spent with my Readers.


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