Friday, May 8, 2015

Lesson 359: Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Happy weekend, Readers!
I said that last weekend, didn't I?
It's a good saying,
whether I wrote it yesterday or last week.
Spoiler Alert!
I'm going to say it again next weekend, too.

Why not choose to be happy?

It always seems like we're looking ahead or behind us,
especially this time of year when school years come to a close.

We attend ceremonies honoring the leaders of tomorrow,
selected according to their actions of the past.

This is Ellen signing the National Honor Society book.
Mother Eloise snapped a terrific pic of a hand, a pen, and a key.
However, the only thing she could think of was,

Drat!  I never could correct that incorrect pencil grip of hers!

I didn't fully enjoy the moment,
because I was kicking myself about the past.
Good thing I took a picture.

Today was yesterday's tomorrow.
So what about NOW?

I think Nike got this one just right.

I need to apply this to more things in my life

The older I get, 
the more I realize how important it is to celebrate today.

My friend Kristen posted this conversation between herself and her boys on facebook this week.
I told her it was blog worthy, and here's her proof that I'm true to my word.

This morning, the boys were looking for the next holiday to celebrate.
 We couldn't think of anything before Memorial Day,
 then Mason says, "How about tomorrow?" 

Me: "What's tomorrow?"

Mason: "It's the only time this year that that day will happen, so we should celebrate it!"

I think I'm going to celebrate today, because it's the only time this year it will happen:)

Why do I take so many photos?
Lots of reasons, I guess,
but really,
if you think about it,
each snapshot is a celebration of The Now.
What a nice way to think of a photograph.

"Do it now. Sometimes 'later' becomes 'never'." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote

This weekend we celebrate mothers--
the great commonality in us all--
we all had a mother.
one of us.

If your mother is with you,
tell her that you love her.
Even if your relationship is strained,
you were made from her love
and that lives on inside of you.

Never forget to tell someone u love them, tomorrow may never come...

Yesterday, you said you'd give her a call.
It's today,
so you better get on that.

Do it now ''''say it now '''''tomorrow may never come.....  Peace

If your mother is no longer with you,
say a prayer of thanks for giving you life.
You'll be seeing her again one day.
Make your actions today make her proud.

Grandma helps Kenyan and I out tremendously.

Her kind heart and good nature are noted within the first few minutes of seeing her.

Grandma's also a wicked-good kickball pitcher.

and the loudest and most avid fan in the stands.

Thanks, Mom.
We love you.

A momma robin has been nesting on Sam's play set.

We got three!
Eloise is happy!

My other robin's nest is still being hijacked.
I believe this is another cowbird egg.
Here it is one morning,

and here it was the same day after work.

Eloise got to spend Thursday in an outdoor classroom!

We took some students out to the middle school Envirothon
hosted by the Erie County Conservation District
at Headwaters Park.

if you haven't been there to walk through the park,
It's right behind the Wendy's exit off of Interstate 90.

The aforementioned friend Kristen did an excellent job 
planning a day of learning and fun for the area students.

Keeping kids safe in an outdoor classroom is one tall order to fill.

The students and I had a great time 
and we learned a lot in the process.

We even returned to school with a respectable third place finish!

Don't make a promise to check out the park someday.
Do it TODAY.

Don't let this be you!

Tomorrow never comes! Click here now!!!

I got a new crew to keep me motivated for the summer.

Eloise is participating in Challenge Erie 6.

I can't wait for all of the fun to come!

Live your best life this weekend, My Friends.
Find what you love to do,
and go do it,


Eloise could only choose one perfect song to set this week's photos to--
The Zac Brown Band's Tomorrow Never Comes--acoustic version.

If you haven't purchased this one yet, do it!  
Just as the album title suggests, each song is as different as the next. 
 Song #3 has a gospel feel. 
 Song #4 is big band.  
Song #5 is grunge metal--
all blended with a country vibe.

It is clearly the best music I've purchased in a long time.
You'll be hearing lots of it this summer.
So go grab your favorite drink,
and sit down with some great tunes.
Do it NOW!

As they say.."tomorrow never comes"

Enjoy the photos and the song.
Have a great weekend.


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