Friday, August 28, 2015

Lesson 375: Get Ready!

Get ready, Readers!
You are about to read the fastest written blog ever published.
The school year has started and Eloise is whooped.

This year I return to school under the leadership of someone who started in the mail room.
Curriculum Director

My new boss knows the ins and outs of what it's like to be a Husky.

Congratulations, Mrs. Hess.
The Huskies and their mushers are off to a great start.
Get Ready, Erie County.
Harbor Creek intends to lead the pack.

The school year has started out rather smoothly,
except for a few epic fails:

Note to my children:
This is not a lunch box ice pack!

It's a hi-lighter!

Note to self:
Invest in a reminder timer
hire a chef.
This was the Wednesday night dinner disaster.

Get ready, Harbor Creek Golf team!

Golf is about to get a little Friday night press.
You've been so quietly and politely doing your thing out on the greens.
It's high time you deserve a little recognition.

Get ready to switch gears to a not-so-quiet-and-polite sport.
meet Sam.

The outfield now has yard line markers.
The tweet of whistles have replaced the crack of bats.

The clouds that hung low over Thursday night's scrimmage 
give warning to Erieites that the fall cold is not far away.
Get ready!

I don't mind the crispness of fall,
because it brings along with it
crisp, reddened apples,
fat for the picking.

For those of you who ordered a t-shirt from Natalie,
Get Ready!
You'll be poking your head through the neck hole very soon.

Here's your sneak peek:

Thank you to all of those who included notes with your check.
I didn't realize it,
but Natalie can read some cursive words.

Get, Ready Beast on the Bay!
Here we come!

The lesson for this weekend is this thinking question:
What is your weapon of choice?

We live on a beautiful round planet,

rough with sharp edges.
Life hurts sometimes.

We are surrounded by sickness,
How do we walk through it all unscathed?

Each of us carries a weapon.

I've chosen my weapon and I'm at the ready.
Are you?

Here's a peek into how we spent some of last weekend.

We took a ride out to the Crawford County Fair,
one of the largest fairs east of the Mississippi.

I set this week's photo video to Keith Urban's song about Johns--
John Cougar
John Deer
and John 3:16---
in honor of my own John Andrew.
He's my nephew affectionately known as Jack.
Happy 16th birthday.
It sure has been fun watching you grow up.

Get ready for a great weekend.

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