Friday, September 4, 2015

Lesson 376: Get Set!

Welcome to the Lamp Post, Readers!
Eloise is glad you found the light.

Eloise has had a busy week.
Lots of my friends have been asking me where I've been.
Last week I was getting ready.
I chose my weapon
This week I'm getting set.
It's time to pick up my stone and get set for what is to come.

When we flip the calendar page to September,
it's time to paddle away from summer and get set for fall

Natalie is getting set for the Barber Beast on the Bay,
an obstacle course race to benefit the Barber National Institute.
She was a student there from 2001-2005.

Natalie joined my Beast Team, the Krauza's Krazies,
and sold her people t-shirts to raise funds and awareness 
for this special place where she began her school career.

Dr. Krauza is wearing Natalie's People T-Shirt 2.0.
I made her people drawings into white tees about a year ago.
We had so many requests for them,
she sold the new, black version as part of her fundraising option when registering
for the September 12th obstacle course race.
Natalie is competing in the adapted course.

Locals, Natalie will be delivering your shirt this weekend.
The out of towners will be receiving theirs by mail.
They are on their way.

Natalie opened every note you sent,
and packaged every single shirt.
She thanks you, as do I.

Gotta love 'em.
If Forrest Gump says life is like a box of chocolates,
Eloise says people are like a basket of apples.

We come in all shapes and sizes,

and many colors.

Some look absolutely perfect from the front,

but you don't always see what they are hiding in the back.

Some are lopsided.

Some are wormy and scabby.

And a few are dented.

No matter the outside, it's the inside that matters most.
 Inside every apple lies a star at the core of its being
--just like people.

Polish your stars. 
You each have one inside of you. 
Shine the light! 

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.:

Eloise loves apples!
They are good for you!
Buy one to snack on,
and before you munch,
cut it in half horizontally to see the star for yourself.

And to keep this blog from getting too sappy,
also remember this:

A large sling shot may be helpful!: A large sling shot may be helpful!

Throwing an apple at someone 
requires an important skill--
taking aim.

take that!!!: take that!!!

You have to know the giant you are going to face,
and get set for battle.

I've got my sling shot all buffed up for Beast on the Bay.
Now, it is time to find my stone.

Eloise likes rocks.  
I have the cool ones I find furrowed everywhere.
In my wooden boxes

and in glass bowls.

I have them sitting in places all over the Lamp Post.
My favorite of all rocks is the geode.
At first glance, it looks like an ugly, gray rock
that resembles a powdered sugar Tim Bit doughnut.

But the inside of the geode is where the magic lies.

The beauty is on the inside,
not the outside!

When I get set to take aim,
I always choose a geode.

Your ammunition may be different from mine,
but as long as you BELIEVE, 
your shot will be right on target.

Sam's weapon of choice this fall will be a football.
He dons his battle gear five nights a week.

This is my lens through the duck blind.

Sam is a tough lineman for the Oregon Ducks.

Ellen is getting set to mentally challenge herself this fall.

There is no better way to do that than pick up the game of golf.

Some rounds are better than others,

but in the end, 
it all works for the greater good.

One of the things I do get my mind set for life,
 every single day,
is remind myself in the morning to look for the good in everyone.
Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it,
but it's there in everyone,
just like the star inside of the apple.

Weekend homework assignment:
Find one good thing about everyone you encounter.
Look for the stars inside,
not the scabs on the skin.

Most of you get an extra day to rest from your labors,
so enjoy the weekend!

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