Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lesson 378: Fight Song

It's the weekend, Readers.
Time to take a breather.
Glad you found the light of the Lamp Post.
Lean against the pole and I'll tell you the story of the week.

Natalie, Erik, Mother Eloise,
and a whole team of Super Friends
completed the Barber Beast on the Bay last weekend.

 On the rainiest of weekends we've seen all season,

Supporters turned out for Beast Hunt 3 point O.


my nephew Erik,

and their team of cheerleaders 

came out to help them through the Adapted Course set up at Waldameer.
For more on the Adapted Course and its participants, 
check out the photo video at the end of this blog.
Ellen followed Natalie through the course and did a nice job on the photos.

Many sported their new, ultra soft,
Natalie People t-shirts.

Natalie used her original happy people artwork as a fundraiser 
to benefit the Barber National Institute,
the school that gave her such a good start on her education.

Natalie raised over $1,400 and received a special award.

 As a teacher, I've become immune to whining,
and blame.

That's what the "I Missed The Memo About the  T-Shirt" folks
have been doing to me and my family ever since the sale.

I know you were busy,
did not have time to check facebook,
went on a trip,
were hospitalized, 
suffered from temporary memory loss,
and lost power for a few hours.

All legitimate excuses, I suppose.
It seems kind of heartless and out of character for Eloise 
to suddenly adopt the 
You Snooze You Lose philosophy.  

My Family and I decided to have one more,
limited time,
very short People T-Shirt sale,
and Grandma is handling it,
so there ain't no messin' around.
You want one?
Get her the money and she'll get you one.

Beginning October 1st,
for two weeks only,
you can order a black, short sleeved,
ultra soft t-shirt for $20.
We will be posting the order sheet on facebook.
Watch for it.

We worked so hard to teach Natalie to count by $20's this summer,
so we are keeping the price the same,
and donating half of the money collected to the Food Banks
where Natalie volunteers.

Short Sale #2 will be deemed
Natalie's Feed the People T-Shirts.

My People were certainly needed fed after ten rainy miles on sand and trails.

My big blue team,

of kindhearted

fitness loving,

zany friends,

really had a great time.

You'd think there would be no fun to be had on a day like last Saturday,
but if you study the photo closely, you can see what brought us all warmth and joy.

Ordinary people became Super Heroes

there were even capes this year for Boy Wonders.

Captain Krazy and Sister Kenyan agreed to combine forces and get along this year.

We agreed to buy the ax,

Glad I brought my sling shot.

We captured the Beast

just as he was about to eat John Barber.
The Beast is a slippery sucker, and got away.
He left a claw mark which I have taken photos of 
and will use for tracking purposes next year.

We searched the sands,

and the muddy trails far and wide,

But, alas, the Beast escaped.
Perhaps you will consider helping me search for him next year.
It's one heck of a good time.

There is always someone there to lend a hand,

well, most of the time.

And there will always be photo editing done on unflattering shots.

 And in the end, 
as you walk uphill to the finish line,

you will feel invincible.


Kenyan proved to be invincible last weekend.
She completed the Erie Marathon the day after Beast on the Bay,

She covered 36.2 miles of this beautiful peninsula
on her own two, 
crooked feet.


Eloise has a big week ahead.
There are lots of preparations to be made--
Natalie got asked to Homecoming!

Check out the photo video Ellen made of her sister and Erik
completing the Adapted Course. 
The obstacles were really great!
My girls are each other's biggest fans.
It is set very appropriately to Fight Song.

Enjoy the weekend.

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