Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lesson 379: The Rest is Still Unwritten

My middle child turns 15 today!
Happy birthday, Ellen!

We celebrated her birthday last weekend at the family camp.
Mother Eloise forgot to bring the rest of the cake decorating stuff.
We improvised as we often do when we're camping.

I like to take a snapshot of my kids as they are peeking into the flaming candles.
This is all I could get.

That Ellen!
She sure is a good sport.
She's an easy kid to raise because she just goes with things.

We lit one big candle to commemorate Ellen's big year.

and it worked just fine.

I selected my favorite photos for a slide show of your last 12 months.

You sure did grow a lot,
learn a lot,
and love a lot.

This is our favorite photo from the year.
Ellen, this looks the most like you,
or how I see you, rather.
and calm.

You were sketching at the moment of this photo.
When you sketch, you tell a story.
Pictures on a page are almost the same as words on a page.
You are writing your story every single day
by the words you speak,
the actions to take,
and the love you give to yourself and others.
Paint yourself a masterpiece.

No one but God knows what lies on the next blank page.
He will guide your hand as you draw out your life
Stay connected to Him and follow your heart.
The road may not always be easy,
but you can be assured that
you won't be headed down the wrong one.

Enjoy the photos from the last year of your life.
I set them to Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

Happy 15th birthday!
Mother Eloise

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