Friday, October 9, 2015

Lesson 382: Smoke Break!

Hello, Blog Friends.
It's your favorite Friday night blogger,
ready to give you the scoop of the week.
You are going to have to settle for a quickie tonight.
Eloise has a headache.

Rocktober fell upon the Lamp Post in its full splendor.

We have danced

and partied

and cheered out hearts out.

It's been fun,
but exhausting on Old Eloise.
Tonight I'm taking a Smoke Break.

Eloise needs some rest.
This is my outfit I plan to wear all weekend.

My favorite polar fleece, polka dot pajama bottoms perfectly match

my latest race t-shirt.

It is from the Her Times 5K--the tenth annual event for Erieites,
organized by local running enthusiast Heather Cass.

It's a women's only event,

great for runners just starting out.

My girlfriends and I conditioned together weekly at our Team Adrenaline workouts.
Our friend in the middle sporting the real pirate eye patch,
tore both of her retinas recently and was unable to run.
As a show of solidarity for our fallen teammate, we wore eye patches in her honor.

You are never too old for an eye patch selfie.

That's how we roll here at the Lamp Post. 
We do things to support others.
We celebrated National Pierogi Day on Thursday
 in honor of our friend Adam and his love for Mrs. T's.

Natalie has extended her happy faces into seasonal art.
She colored the stem the same way she colors the hair on her Happy People.
And I swear on everything holy 
if one of you asks me to put that on a t-shirt for purchase--

I needed a Smoke Break earlier this week when Sam brought home his
third grade animal habitat project.

Ellen completed the same project several years ago.
It was two weeks of preparation, with full Blasco Library research,
a trip to the Erie Zoo,
and $40 dumped at the craft store to create a shoe box diorama.

Sam surprised me with his finished project this week,
with I having no prior knowledge that the project was even underway.

Mother Eloise to Sam:  Sam!  Didn't you need materials?

Sam to Mother Eloise:  Sure.  Mrs. W. had them for us at school.  
She likes me.  She gave me stuff.

Mortified, I peered under the box lid to find this:

The blue and red thing in the upper left corner is a tree.
The yellow thing on the bottom left I guessed as a cave.
Sam said, "MOM!  It's a giraffe!
I tried to stand him up and Sam corrected me--
"MOM!  NO!  It's dead.  The Bengal tiger killed it.
See!  He's eating the zebra now.

I then inquired as to what the red ball of clay was, 
impaled through the side of the shoe box.


Sam:  "It's a launch pad!  Here, look!  See the Bengal tiger jumps on this
and it shoots him into the air so he can land on his prey from the top!"

(I looked for a lighter)

Believe it or not, Sam got an A.

I am thrilled that Originality was taken into consideration.

The grape harvest is upon us,
and instead of reaching for the cigarettes
(raising Sam, I already have the lighter in hand),
I'll grab my sneaks for a long slow run through grape country instead.
If I run low on sugar, there are always some leftovers swinging on the vines.
Thanks, Billy and Bart.

Fall is too pretty to miss because I'm asleep on my feet.

I'm taking my version of a Smoke Break and ending this blog and posting early.
I've got a date with my couch and remote control tonight
and I don't feel bad about it all.

To enjoy Harborcreek in fall's splendor,
click on the photo video below set to Carrie Underwood's new song Smoke Break.
I am looking forward to her album because I love the title--Storyteller.
It's available for purchase October 23rd!

Enjoy your weekend and the video.

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