Friday, October 30, 2015

Lesson 385: Howling Fun


It's Halloween weekend and it blew into Erie with a howling wind.

Erie experienced 40 mile an hour wind gusts earlier this week.

Daughter Ellen Louise painted my face 
for my running group's Halloween Fun Run through the park.
The process took about 45 minutes and I nodded off in the process.
Ellen said it was difficult putting make-up on a snoring person.

We held our run after a big high school meet earlier in the day.
It was nice to be encouraged with their motivational chalk messages.

I took my group back to the creepy clown house.
Thankfully he wasn't home.....
but that means he was out there somewhere....
He roams the streets of Harborcreek on All Hallow's Eve.

The next day I completed my first virtual 10K
for the Zombies Run! game I play.

I earned a ton of materials to build my base,
and found out more interesting clues to this on-going story,
chapters unlocked with each run you complete.

I made a map,


and suckered a couple of friends to come along with me.

We made a pop stop in Hawkingville

and made it back to the church unscathed.

There was some degree of guilt experienced as I was mentally planning my zombie
run while sitting in a church pew for the Sunday service.
I told God I was sorry that zombies were distracting me from His word.

A few days later He sent  a sign it all was well.
According to my calculations,
the rainbow ended right in the church parking lot.

The cool part was my sister, 

and my mom photographed the same rainbow
while in different parts of the county
at the exact same time I took my shot.

The Today Show crew dressed as the Peanuts characters this year.

The new Peanuts movie opens November 6th.
It looks very good, 
and maintains Charlie Brown's charm.

Check out the movie trailer below:

Sam donned a Peanuts Gang inspired costume this year.

He is a sheet ghost!

It was easy, 
and it sure made him easy to spot in the Halloween parade.

I know it's Halloween,
but its never too early to think about Christmas.
The Krazies are headed to the Barber Ball this year!
Please join us.
Don't forget,
those who participated in the Barber Beast
 receive a $50 discount on tickets.
Type in BEASTBALL for your discount upon reserving your place on the dance floor.
Here is the link if you are interested:

But for this weekend, 
it's all about ghosts
and bats
and all things that howl in the night---

---like wolves.

If you haven't seen this video filmed in a wolf sanctuary,
check it out.

Final advice for the night from Eloise:
When the lights go out this Halloween,

Enjoy the photo video with some more weekend run shots.
It is appropriately set to Zac Brown Band's song,
Day for the Dead.

Sleep tight tonight,
but with one eye open.
That creepy clown is out and about.


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