Friday, May 6, 2016

Lesson 417: Green

Oh me, 
oh me,
oh my, Readers!

This is kind of what May looks like for me and my friends 
in the
 middle aged,
middle income,
middle of a hurricane household.

May also looks like this:

Art Shows

The spirit lives!
The glass artist returned!

Blow torch,
here I come!

Spring Sports take center stage.

And most importantly, spring weather!
The fresh air feels so great on the lungs

and smells so great on fabric.

The pastures are greening up.

That's worth a kiss

and a nuzzle.

The horse nuzzle was a fun capture,
but by far,
the wildlife winner of the week
was the discovery of a nest of baby squirrels,
thanks to the keen eyes of my parents.

All the time spent out in the great outdoors
gave Eloise a very Green week.

Why not transfer some of that green-time to school hours, too?

My students participated in the Pennsylvania Envirothon.

What a great opportunity to learn about the natural world around you!

Cramming all I can into the daylight hours post sunrise,
force me to shift my slow jogs,
which I have renamed slogs,
to the crack of dawn.

It's worth the early rise to experience skies of this magnitude.

Morning slogs really do help with morning fog.

Well, kind of.
Dropped my favorite coffee cup in the driveway on the way to get the newspaper.
One thing to know about Eloise--
she's clumsy.

To try to balance a crazy life with little to no down time,
I try to occupy my mind with something different,
and a little complex.
Something I can get lost in.

My friend Heather recommended "the mystery box"--
a mystery experience mailed to your home every month.

Eloise decided to give it a whirl,
and I cracked the May box open to see what was in it.

A newspaper with a headline about a haunted doll.

Well, isn't that enough to make you drop your coffee cup!


After perusing the creepy photos
and skimmed the story about the death of a child,
I knew this challenge was not for me.

When I got to the package of mysterious white powder,
it sealed the deal--

Subscription Cancelled.
Reason for discontinuation:  Too Scary!

I do still have the complete box,
and am willing to give it to the first person who 
requests it under the facebook posting for this blog.
It's all yours--
white powder and all.

The mystery I am going to work on is this one:
Where are my cats?!

I haven't seen them for days.
Ran away---
no way.

I think they were catnapped!
Any information leading to the return of Stealth and Sometimes
is worth a special Lamp Post reward.

It's not easy being green, Readers,
but do take the time to care for the Earth.
It's is your home.


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