Friday, May 27, 2016

Lesson 420: jOURney

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Readers!
It's a beauty here in Erie, PA.
Probably one of the best we've experienced in many years.
Soak up every minute of it, locals.
I'll be out there, right along side of you.

We are forever indebted to the fallen soldiers.
I thank you for your heroism,
so that I might enjoy the freedoms I have today.

memorial day quotes | Memorial Day Quotes – Remembering Our Veterans; Happy Decoration Day ...:

Life is a journey.
It's OUR journey.

And in that great trip you are taking,
you can tell YOUR story.

The Harborian 2016 edition,
sports this reminder on its cover this year.

Daughter Ellen Louise is on the yearbook staff,
and friend Fionnula Flanigan Kelly is the advisor.

Excellent job, yearbook team.
You have received Eloise's stamp of approval.

2016 marks the first year that the Junior High has its own yearbook,
so there was room for lots of extra photos in the senior high edition.

Sections of Harborcreek maps appear behind the photos and stories.

Capturing the moments along your journey are important,
and the main reason this blog exists.

Congratulations, Seniors!

2016 marks the first year of the Senior Walk--
and idea inspired by social media posts 
that my school district quickly made good use of.

Graduating seniors returned to their elementary schools
donning graduation caps and some gave us hints of what lies in their futures.

They gathered for a recreate shot of their Kindergarten playground,
equipment that was once too big and scary for them to climb on.

A former student headed to Pitt found Mrs. Eloise and gave her a special surprise.
We purchased Smencil Pencils (scented pencils)
for a school sale and a lesson on Business several years ago.
The company claimed the scent would hold for five years.
This boy stuck his Smencils away since the fourth grade, 
hoping to prove the company had exaggerated claims.
Guess what?
They still smell.
And guess what else?
My student is pursuing law.

No matter where your jOURney takes you,
you are never alone.
It's always good to have the support of an endearing crowd send you off.

Rousing "good lucks"
are as important as tearful "good byes."

I caught Mr. George Humes in a tender moment during the Senior Send-Off.

Harbor Creek's beloved teacher will be retiring in June.

Go paint the world, Mr. Humes.
You will be missed.

As I pack things away for the year,
and shuffle supplies from school to school,
the students help me bring boxes to my car.
I let them autograph my back window,

and showed them the pink, sparkly E I painted on my bumper in 2013.
My science experiment was a success.
There ain't nothin' that can remove American Eagle Kiss Me Pink! nail polish!
Not even four Erie winters.

In the education world, 
we get very used to movings-on.
Every year one class leaves,
and every year another enters.

After taking time to cherish the memories with one group,
you look forward to what's next with the upcoming one.

 Mrs. Eloise is most excited about the June 1st Space Balloon launch.

It is a STEM project some of my older students have been working on.
STEM stands for 
Schools haven't seen such a push for the maths and sciences since the Sputnik.

Science equipment for experiments will be launched into space,
then retrieved for scientific study.

We will inform the FAA of our intentions,
and watch our balloon's travels through GPS and GO Pro technologies.

We have to warn the aircraft because we don't want to run into this guy.

He frequently flies over my hometown 
and I caught him this week over the little league fields.

Our jOURney is adapting to maturing children.
We sold the play set this week!

I once feared the empty space would leave a hollow in my heart.
Instead it's left me excited about what I want to put there next.

Sam's main play equipment no longer is swings and a sand box.
It's balls

and bats

and bikes.

The girls playthings have moved from toys to people.

Hanging out

with the people they love

has become the most important thing.

Natalie's Prom was wonderful.

The Erie Art Museum was the perfect venue.

They danced all night long.
I can't wait to see what is the next step on their jOURney.

As for Old Eloise,
I'll be doing what I usually do this holiday weekend,

Lesson for your holiday weekend:

photo IfYouWantToThank10x24_zps2f0aa8c2.jpg:

Let's make our jOURney the best it can be.


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