Friday, May 20, 2016

Lesson 419: Pink

It's the weekend, Readers 
and Eloise is
tickled pink!

Got all the ball games in this week.

Any predicted rain just proved to be a passing shower.

Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!:
Sports are such a valuable part of education.
There are so many lessons to be learned from
winning and losing.

The most well known lesson is this:

You win some,

and you lose some.

Lesson learned from these cute tots:

When the score isn't going your way,
just play with your trucks in the dirt pile.

And when the game is done,
pick up your stuff and go home and come back another day.

always...pretty pink  #pink #pinkperfection #perfectlypink:

Ellen's skin has been a bit pink this week--
well, purple actually.

Golf season is approaching and she doesn't get quite so many bruises--
unless I try to play with her, that is.
Never claimed to be much of an athlete.

Keeping it real. Get your own neon sign on

Natalie brought these to the games on Thursday to pass out for a treat.
May 19th was Natalie's 18th birthday!

Loving this quote in in bright pink lights that says, "Enjoy life, eat cake." @aliukzz:

She grew from this

to this

in a pink blink.

A New Year, a New Look, and a Free Printable - Budget Fairy Tale:

Natalie got lots of gifts.

She's actually very easy to buy for.
You wouldn't think so, given her autism,
but she is a very typical teen.

A pink basketball from Sam
and a pink fishing pole from Dad.

Make mine Pink:

Grandma met her at the bus stop
and planted a kiss on Natalie's rosy, pink cheek.

Grandma surprised Natalie with her favorites.

Binkies and baby bottles!

The question I ask every sales person at every department store.:

Natalie is the Queen of Quirky.
I wonder what it is about a pink binky swinging from a string that fascinates her so.
Why is it that she still loves to line up her bottles in a line and look at them?

Perhaps those are the mysteries of autism that we will someday unlock.
And if we never do,
I like having something to wonder about.

You are an adult now, Natalie.
Here is some good advice from Audrey Hepburn.

audrey hepburn:

And here's a piece of advice from your mother:

“Know that you’re good enough. Anyone would be lucky to have you.” | 30 Dating And Relationship Tips All Twentysomethings Need To Hear:

I was tickled pink over some good Bird News out of the Lamp Post this week!

I found a flamingo!

Pink flamingo motivation!

OK, that was a little pink lie.

Truth:  We did lure an Oriel.
They like grape jelly!

The birds on my back porch nest flew away when I was at work.
They always sneak and do that when I'm gone.
They were sure fun to watch.

To Sam's delight,
in all the bird watching we've done,
we discovered that the babies poop seconds after they ingest a worm.
Look to the right of the photo.
That is a baby robin's butt hole.
I wouldn't be surprised if you can hear Sam roaring with laughter.
It was his favorite part of the two week growth period.

Another bird has built her nest on the front porch.

It's a high-rise nest this year--
it built on top of the nests from the past two years!

I'm looking forward to this hatch.

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My brood was tickled pink with this clever teacher gift I received.
Thank you, Brianna!

Sam and his buddy were tickled pink that they 
got to be part of a softball team scavenger hunt.

Ring! Goes the telephone....
"Mom! Send Sam out to the end of the driveway with the garden gnome!"

It was a fun scavenger hunt that involved taking photos of a list of objects
without getting out of the vehicle.

Ellen's team won!

Hopefully .. W a very close friend  of my fathers that became my moms rock dying in ICU of very similar complications to my father  I am not sure. So painful to re live. And with myself being constantly sick I feel defeated:

I was tickled pink that Sam learned about the workings of the human body,

but still trying to figure out how to display it for a week.
Too big for the refrigerator,
so he gets my nest chair.

I'm tickled pink that lawn manicuring time has come
and that hubby mows the banks.

We put on matching pink oxfords this morning.
He paired his with camouflage shorts to balance out the pink.

I found a tiny daisy.
I love tiny daisies!

foreverpinkcottagechic dot com......fabulous site.:

I'm tickled pink with Coca Cola's marketing campaign this summer.
Song lyrics!
If anyone finds a Tim McGraw song lyric,
contact Eloise right away.
I'll be more than willing to make a trade.
I like trades more than I do purchases.
They are more interesting and require more thought.
It will be a fair trade for sure...

He's a real good sleeper
and likes goldfish crackers and yogurt.
You'll never even know he's there.
Sam's as quiet as a church mouse.
One can for Sam.
Fair enough.

The biggest pink tickle of the weekend is this:
Natalie is going to the Seneca High School Prom!

This was something we never expected for Natalie,
but has brought us all great joy.
Check back next week for a full Prom Report!
And it's at the Erie Art Museum--
Mother Eloise will be in heaven!

#MJB Pretty-N-Pink makes me happy #PinkWords Anything is possible with #SparkleAndPink ♡Love it's Love♡:

Enjoy your weekend, Readers.

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