Monday, September 5, 2016

Lesson 437: Back to the Books

Happy Labor Day, Readers.

Eloise sends word and well wishes at the end of the weekend
rather than the beginning this week.

The Lamp Post Internet was out for a good long while.
After many trips through the Troubleshooting guide,
which is nothing more than a web of lies,
I resulted in what every tech illiterate person does:
 unplugged everything and left for the weekend.

Upon my return, everything worked!

It's back to school time

which means back to the books.

Ellen opted to get a jump on her weekend homework
on Friday after school,
soaking up every ounce of sunshine in the process.
An Erieite since birth,
Ellen knows what lies ahead.
Smart girl.

The kids were happy to start back to school,

despite some fake moans and groans about getting up in the morning.

Many people noticed this Huskie flag in the background of this photo.

The Harbor Creek girls volleyball team is selling them for $17 if you would like one.

Natalie is loving her new community-based program.
Every day she shops, prepares lunch for her class, and volunteers somewhere.
Friday she volunteered at the Thrifty Threads.
If you go Thrift Shoppin',
go to that one.  
They help out the handicapped.

Sam is off to a great start, as well.

He loves Friday night high school football games as much as his Momma.

He's a stinky, sweaty mess after his practices.
I've had to invest in Teflon scrubbies and
high-powered deodorant soap.
There is no sweat and grime as bad as football sweat and grime.

Ellen, the most studious in the house,
works hard to balance her time between school, golf, and friends.

We've had a little fun this weekend looking through the Jostens Class Jewelry book.
It's time for Ellen to choose a class ring.

There are so many styles to choose from now.
These are the more traditional ones I remember from 30 years ago.

The newer styles are actually throwbacks from the 1950's and 60's.

These offer a more delicate look.

I love the band with the roman numerals marking the graduation date.

They also have glamorized versions with big stones and stackables.

Eloise never had a class ring.  
My parents offered me one for my 16th birthday, 
but I passed.
I chose something different--
I prefer bands to stone rings, and my tiny braided gold rope ring
still rides on my right ring finger where I placed it nearly 30 years ago.
I've never taken it off.
It's worn thin, and some of the braid has worn away with years
of hand washing and hand wringing, but it's still my favorite.

This was the style most of my friends chose back in the 1980's.
I know this will be hard for my readers to believe,
but Eloise was not a stand-out high school athlete.
All the jocks got their sports on the sides of their rings,
and I really didn't have any.

Now they can get very specific--
not just swimming,
but backstroke, breaststroke or fly.


I found some in today's book that I could have had engraved 

That was yearbook and photography--
not bass, in case you were wondering.

I may have chosen a paw print,
but a Go HUSKIES may have been cool.

They have a flag girl now.
If that were representing me though,
it would have so show a person nearly impaling the person beside,
due to a wrong turn in the marching formation.

They have cool sports now,
like archery and bowling.

And if the sporting world does not represent you well,
you can have one of these.
Student council, nature conservation, and National Honor Society
are important things, too.

After some careful consideration,
there is an engraving to represent just about anything.

Bull riding and calf roping,

Street biking, ultimate frisbee,
and texting,

And my personal favorite,
Low Rider.

If your parents are in the army,
you can even choose
Army Son or Army Daughter,

or the gender neutral
Army Brat.

I think Ellen needs this one.

As of this writing, Ellen has about 24 hours to choose.
Because of her sweet and thoughtful nature, 
she'll be asking people at today's picnic which styles they like.

Lesson for Today:
Choose the one YOU like, Ellen.
You are the one who has to wear it.

Mother Eloise is glad she is getting her ring sized on Tuesday,
because by next Saturday evening her fingers could be a bit swollen.
She's going to do the Barber Beast on the Bay with me!
We've convinced a few more of her friends to try the 10 mile obstacle course race,
so Team Teen will be joining up with the Superfriends this year.

I've been trying to capture the beast for three years now,
to no avail.
I bring along a weapon each year to help me in my quest for his capture.

A dagger,

An ax,

And last year, 
a sling shot.

I've wised up to the Beast,
as I have been tracking him for all this time.
We spotted him,

and I have the just right weapon to bring along.
Check back next Friday for a hint about this year's capture method.

Natalie's Happy People Tough Mudder Team did her proud last weekend!

She made them all commemorative Happy People paper weights!
Great job, Team!

I'm headed out for one last blast of summer fun
which will include swimming

and banana Popsicles.

To answer a reader request regarding book recommendations:
With my grad class this summer, I did not
have as much time for leisure reading outside of
assigned class work and my usual Time, National Geographic,
and Smithsonian magazines.

One very good book I read for my grad class was this one:

Image result for mindset carol dweck

The information in it is so fresh and simple.
Everyone can read and benefit from this book.
Eloise highly recommends.
Look it over if you get a chance,
as we'll be discussing it through this blog for the next few months.

Image result for mindset

the one book I did read for leisure,
recommended to me by my niece Rose---
whom I threatened to murder after I read it,
is this book.

Image result for intensity book

My Lord, in Heaven!
What was going through Dean Koontz's mind when he wrote this book.
I couldn't sleep for a few nights after I read it.
The slightest creak or snore would wake me in a cold sweat.
If you like to be afraid of humanity itself,
go for it.
The rest of you, stay away,
especially from Winnebagos with boarded up back windows.

Enjoy your Labor Day.

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