Friday, September 9, 2016

Lesson 438: Daruma?

Good weekend to you, Readers!
Me and my newest friend wish you well.

This is a daruma doll.
It is a Japanese figure that helps you

The concept is related to Buddhism 
and Dharma.
Eloise Hawking likes this because she was part of the Dharma Initiative on LOST.

My supervisor at school brought them in for her staff 
at the district back-to-school in-service day.

I chose the gold one randomly.
I found out later that the colors represent the type of goals you choose to pursue.

Looks like Eloise is coming into some cash!

The FIVE COLOURS our Daruma dolls represent different TYPES of GOALS. 

Choose your color based on YOUR GOAL!

A RED Daruma doll is for LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE. 
A PURPLE Daruma doll is for HEALTH and LONGEVITY. 
A YELLOW Daruma doll is for SECURITY and PROTECTION. 
A GOLD Daruma doll is for WEALTH and PROSPERITY. 
A WHITE Daruma doll is for LOVE and HARMONY. 

Magpie & Daruma (on white by RupertBottenberg:

 This is how a daruma doll works:

You simply purchase a doll when you have a goal in mind,
and then follow these five easy steps:

STEP 1 - Decide on a SPECIFIC GOAL
 you are

You color in the other eye when your dream comes true...:

STEP 2 - DRAW one of Daruma's blank eyes to signify yourCOMMITMENT to achieving yourGOALWrite down your goal!

 - Place Daruma somewhere VISIBLE in your home or office so that while he FOCUSESon your GOAL, you'll be reminded to do theSAME!commitment!

STEP 4 - Once you've achieved your goal, draw in Daruma's other eye to say THANK YOU!
I thought it was a very interesting concept.
Eloise is considering her goal very carefully,
and choosing the exact, specific wording.

I will reveal my goal in future blog posts.

I'll be placing my doll on my window sill in my kitchen
above the sink.
I spend a lot of time in my kitchen as a middle class,
suburban mother.
Placing the daruma doll in a visible spot will 
be a constant reminder of my goal 
as I load and unload the dishwasher.

With fall upon us,

and the new school year underway,

we discuss goals often at the Lamp Post.

Sam has his first HC Little Gridders game on Saturday morning.

He is too big to be a ball carrier, so
his goal is to make the most tackles this season.

Ellen is practicing hard to qualify for district golf,

but also has a goal of figuring out to do with this roadside discard find.

Mr. Lamp Post found it along the side of the road in a trash pile,
and brought it home knowing we'd find something spectacular 
to turn it into.
That is true love!

It's solid wood and hinged.
I have no idea what it was used for,
but it is so interesting.

What could we do with it?
Suggestions, Readers?

Grandma's goal is helping this Beach Bum chipmunk
prepare for winter.
She feeds him peanuts and has marked off
his tunnels with flags, 
and caution tape.

Natalie has set some new goals--
she's getting used to horses as part of her new school program.
If all goes well,
my neighbor Laura will never have to brush out her horses again.
You'll have a new barn-hand.

Natalie and her kindred spirits of the Autism world
need just a little tolerance,
and some extra time and patience to acclimate to the world.

The Barber National Institute
the creators of Erie's Beast on the Bay obstacle course race,
gave her that loving and patient start to her educational years.

Much of her success is due to their wonderful and innovative early intervention programs
for Autistic children.

Me and Squad Wellness--

the Super Friends, 110 members strong this year,
will be embarking on a trek across Erie's Presque Isle,
from tip all the way back to the last uphill climb to 
the Water World wave pool.

I'll be wearing this necklace from a friend,
to remind me of my love for those with autism.

I made it my goal last year 
to stay in good enough shape to complete this 
grueling obstacle course--
even without my daruma doll.

Tune in on Sunday for a Lamp Post Bonus Edition,
to Recap the Beast on the Bay
and discuss the programs that are designed for
Natalie and Ryan


and brothers Brett and Jordan.

As a fourth year participant,
I'm just about convinced as to how to capture this Beast 
running rampant in my hometown.

I will have my weapon of choice this year with me along the route.
Check back on Sunday
(or sneak and enlarge the facebook photos)
to see what I'm bringing along this year.

Don't forget that the Paralympic Games began September 7th in Rio.

Check out what these world class athletes can do!

Ten Things You Should Know About the Paralympic Games

Now go color in one eye on your daruma doll
and get moving on some weekend goals.

See you all on Sunday.


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