Friday, April 21, 2017

Lesson 475: God's Green Earth

It's Earth Day, Readers!
It's a holiday that all of the Human Nation can celebrate!

Nature is so pretty.  
It's my favorite thing to photograph.
Trees don't complain when you tell them to pose.

How on God's green earth is it the weekend already?
This week went by extraordinarily fast.

Speaking of God...
and Earth....
here's a nice Earth Day quote from Pope Francis.

We are stewards not masters of our earth. Each of us has a personal responsibility to care for the precious gift of Gods creation. #PopeFrancis #conservation #stewardship:

If you recall, 
last summer I had a robin come to my window regularly
and peck at it as if he wanted to come inside.
My parents live next door to the Lamp Post and he did it to them, too.

This week another has started the same thing.
It looks young,
so I doubt it's the same one.
I couldn't grab my camera quickly enough to get a shot of him on the window sill,
but I did get a shot of him in the yard.

What on God's green earth does he want?
Birders out there,
please explain.

My students have been asking me all week to explain my shoes.
I love my new Vibram Alitza Loops!

So--do these identify themselves with socks or shoes?
One clever student suggested we call them Shocks.
Very fitting.

How on God's green earth can I stand the feeling of toe pockets?
When compared to the daily pain of my arthritic feet,
I feel nothing in comparison.
They are really helping my toe alignment.
I've been wearing them for about 5 years now,
but these are the first that border on "pretty."
I said borders...

The weather hasn't been particularly pretty for softball and baseball,

but the rains are greening things up quite nicely.

How on God's green earth did we get to the last Tooth Fairy visit to the Lamp Post?
Sam lost his last tooth tonight.
The tooth fairy will be moving on to Emma Grace Hall.
She's generous, Emma!

When I was in college I drove a green 1983 Omega
that I named The Pickle.
I just looked it up on the Internet to remind myself what it looked like,
and I found it listed under an article,
The Ten Slowest Cars of 1983.

The Chevy Chevette is in there, too!

Ellen's drove Grandma and Grandpa's 22 year old Jeep to practice the other day.
I had to smile seeing it sit in the parking lot.

You can tell it's theirs because:
A.  It is one of the few left around.
B.  The Coast Guard license plate.
C.  Both A and B.  
D.  Neither A or B
E.  Choice F
             Doesn't make any sense?
Just warming the kids up for another round of state tests coming next week.
Those questions don't always make sense either.     

What really doesn't compute is how the senseless act of violence--
a live murder on facebook--
came to its conclusion right in my hometown.


How on God's green earth can the victim's family move on?
With God's help, I suppose.
It's the only way.

If you want to heal from a stressful week,
the locals should take a walk out on Presque Isle on Saturday morning
for the annual Autism Walk.
Most of the money raised stays local.

Easter was beautiful last weekend.

I posed the family for their yearly professional looking shot.

We look most forward to Grandma and Grandpa's basket.

The Money Bunny came again this year.

How in God's earth do we get it all done every week?
All the work.
All the practice.
All the fun.

Things just have a way of working themselves out.
The sun always sets and rises the next morning.
Flowers bloom, no matter how tough the winter prior.

And the onions that fell from the composter,
they eventually bloom, too.
How pretty!

Find your Earth Song this weekend, Readers.
Stop a minute,
stand still,
and close your eyes.
You'll hear it.


The earth has music for those who listen:

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