Friday, June 2, 2017

Lesson 482: I Wonder

It's June, Readers!


It's Eloise's favorite month of the year.

My body is always on a school clock.
It's been running on years beginning in September 
and ending in June, for the last 41 years!
January 1st is barely a blip on the radar for me. 
June is a thinking month--
a time to stop and smell the flowers.

June is a time to reflect and remember.

It's also a time to look ahead,

and wonder about what's to come.

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Eloise wonders a lot.
Once in awhile I get the gumption to actually search for an answer,
but most of the time,
I'm content in my musings.
I just like wondering for the sake of it.
Sometimes it's more fun to leave strings untied,
ends loose,
unfinished chapters open.
It makes life much more interesting.

I spent most of this week wondering 
what the heck happened to my face!

Wearing a band aid across one's face in an elementary school
is not a task for the thin skinned--
but it certainly is for a person with infected skin.

After waiting four days for the culture to grow,
lab tests revealed today that I have a staph infection on my face.

This was me at about 50% of my worst.
At my very worst I couldn't see out of my eye to take a photo.

Heavy doses of two different antibiotics seem to be working.
I sure have had a heck of fun with my responses to
What happened to your face?

A run-in with a Sasquatch.
Encounter with an alien.
Battled Voldemort.

I always wonder how they do it.
The coaches.

How do they get them to stand still and listen so intently?
I guess lead-off rules are more interesting
than rules of grammar.

I wonder how many people saw this photo series.
Nearly everywhere I went this week,
at least one person tells me how great a capture
and perfect word pairing this was.

I must admit,
it is one of my all-time favorites, too.
It captures the heart of it all,
the game
the boys
the fun
the innocence.

I wonder how people keep white dogs clean
in wet, muddy Erie.
Especially Tough Mudders.


I wonder what babies think about 

when the big, black circle of my lens

is coming out of my face.

After this week--
the black lens protruding from my face
sure was a lot better than what was underneath my left eye.

I wonder how Erie was so lucky to get 
not just ONE

but TWO different, spectacular rainbows,
occurring about 25 minutes apart from one another.

 Even the blackbird stopped to admire them.

I wonder how the Lady Huskies softball team 
will do in their state playoff game on Monday.

They captured the D-10 Championship last weekend.
It sure was a Memorial Day.

raise your hand if you believe you are going to win
Monday's game at Behrend at 4:00?

'Atta girls!

I wonder if you are reading this book,
Wonder by RJ Palacio.

Add this to your summer reading list if you haven't yet.

The movie is coming out on Thanksgiving!
Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses.
I cannot wait to see it.
Check out the movie trailer below.

Have a safe and happy weekend, Readers.
Go find something to wonder about,
and wallow in it for awhile.


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