Friday, June 16, 2017

Lesson 484: Make Your Bed

Greetings, Readers.
I hope you are having a nice, summer weekend.
Eloise sure is.

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I'm collecting money in $5 increments.
This was my Finder's Fee for locating Sam's ball cap.
This applies to everyone in the house--
you lose it,
you want help,
I'm your Finder.
But, there's a fee.

Every year I publish my Summer Rules edition,
with a posted set of family rules unique to the ages and stages of my children.

After 19 years of parenting, 
I'm finally seeing the payoff.
We no longer need posted rules,
taped to the cupboards made sticky from the summer heat.

We've consistently disciplined our children,
teaching them how to care for themselves,
each other, 
and our home.

Discipline is tiring.
It's consistent and relentless.
But the best thing about discipline,
is that it pays off eventually.

Discipline is often confused with punishment,
but they are not interchangeable terms.

Students with challenges (behavioural or otherwise) are missing skills that need to be taught and have unsolved problems that need to be solved collaboratively.

I no longer need rules and rewards.
Incentives for good work
have been replaced with general $5 fines
for any infraction I see fit,
but not limited to the following:
eye rolling,
failure to move upon command,
negative attitude,
incessant whining,
and passing gas in closed spaces.

Rewards are always plentiful
and come in many forms--
and sometimes $.

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My kids are neat and take care of their things
and I rarely have to get after them to pick up after themselves
or help around the house.
The simple rule around the Lamp Post:

If you see something needs done,
please just do it,
(and don't expect a parade to be held in your honor because of it).

We've whittled down the household chore command to just this:
Make your bed.

It's a pretty easy task for most of us because 
if you know Natalie,
making beds is her very favorite thing to do.

She helped me strip the beds,
wash the sheets,
and remake them this week.

Even the bunk beds!

My gal was in her glory.

I have to admit,
I swiped the idea from Admiral William H. McRaven,
US Navy Retired.

My nephew Jack received this book from my aunt and uncle
as part of his graduation gift.

This book is a must read for anyone.
A small, square paged, quick-read,
is simple enough,
and meaningful enough for anyone--
or senior.

There are plenty of advice books out there.
In an over quoted world,
there are a million to choose from,
but this book is unique.
It is practical advice gained through the Admiral's military experience.

For the Beast on the Bay-ers,
pay particular attention to this next one:

It is well worth the $10 investment.
Add Make Your Bed to your summer reading list.

Along with these....

In a recent issue of Time magazine,
Bill Gates recommended these books.

Bill Gates is an avid reader,
and the computer guy readily admits 
to preferring the paper page over a screen.

I don't know much about business,
but I am very curious to read this one.

Jimmy Carter's book will be my first purchase.

Here are four more that look good, too.

After I'm done making the bed--
well, technically,
Louie makes it most days,
I take a few minutes to read before the day goes into full summer mode.

Here's how Eloise has viewed summer through her lens:

In honor of Father's Day,
here is my new favorite song by the Zac Brown Band,
My Old Man.
Give this mellow and heartfelt version of Zac a listen.

Enjoy your weekend,
and don't forget to Make Your Bed.


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