Friday, June 9, 2017

Lesson 483: I See

I see summertime, Readers!
Solstice, schmolstice.
June 22 be damned!
Real summer starts when school is out.

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It's been a very few weeks,

so I started my summer vacation with a little chill time.
We went for a ride through the country and took a late lunch.

Ellen drove, which is a nice break,
now that I stopped stomping on the phantom break on the passenger's side.

After we got back,
I sat on my swing and had one of these,
which I considered well deserved.

So, Eloise drank a beer and bird watched.
Bird watched.
It gave me something to think about,
and I didn't have to move an inch.

The wrens are ready to take flight.
There are six or seven of them in this gourd.
The chicks have been rocking and jolting that house for days.

This is Momma.
I watched her for a good long while.

She came back to that nest with bug after bug, 

all afternoon,

preparing her hungry chicks

for their first flight.

They got something extra juicy

for their big day.

As I saw one make the leap,
I left them alone for their private moments away from my lens.

Everyone needs their private moment to overcome their barrier.

If you see me this weekend,
you'll also see my facial sore.
I'm not back to the band aid yet,
but unfortunately I did require a second round of antibiotics
 to get rid of the staph infection.

Staph infections can be very serious.
My spot is in a bad place,
and as it gets angry with me because I have not rested
it swells and seeps and throbs.
I have a terrible habit of rubbing my grainy, tired eyes,
and have been warned repeatedly by doctors and nurses not to rub my eye
for fear of staph entering my tear duct.
I can hear my mother yelling next door,

You'll lose your damn eye!

Heeding her warning, 
it's 10 more days of pill popping and
a band aid suntan mark.

It got me thinking about what would happen if I ever did lose my sight.
I read about people all of the time,
or watch stories on television about terrible accidents or
diseases that rob one of eyesight.

What would it be like never to appreciate the sight of these ever again?

I watched this scene from Scent of a Woman this week.

Weekend homework:  watch it!
It appears at the bottom of this blog.

Here was a really good singer-songwriter from America's Got Talent this week:
Give a listen to Chase Goehring.
Neat style,
& proof that the time is ripe for redheads.

My favorite talent pick of the week must go to Mandy Harvey.
She is the gifted vocalist and musician who lost her hearing.
She is now completely deaf and auditioned for America's Got Talent
with an original song,
not being able to hear one word she sang.
It was simply quite amazing.

If you read the Lamp Post on a regular basis,
you must watch this.
Consider it your Summer Course Requirement.

Mandy's story is told on the link,
and America's Got Talent's feature piece does a fine job of telling her story,
and what a story it is.

I looked a little further into Mandy,
and she also is a motivational speaker and is part of a network called No Barriers.

From their website:

We empower people to break through barriers, 

find their inner purpose 

and contribute their very best to the world.

This is really worth checking out.
Please do.

Enjoy one of my favorite movie scenes
from Scent of a Woman.


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