Friday, July 7, 2017

Lesson 487: Looking Up & Down & All Around

Good weekend, Readers!
Things are looking up here at the Lamp Post.
Hubby's hurting back is on the mend 
thanks to good chiropractic care and massages
and also a little policing from his family.

 Natalie's wisdom tooth surgery was a complete success.

When Eloise is happy, she takes a lot of pictures--
so here's what' been happening 
all around
the Lamppost.

Sam's baseball team has played beneath some beautiful skies this week.

They play on Saturday afternoon for the District 3 championship.

I found these hungry little guys up in a tree at the fields 
while waiting for the game to start.

Our eyes were on the sky during a picture perfect Fourth of July.

The day was great for people gathering together

for parties and picnics

and the night was perfect for fireworks.

Since Natalie healed so well from her surgery,
we took her to the mall and let her pick out a new outfit
to wear on the 4th of July.

She picked her standard
Old Navy flag t-shirt

and these shorts from American Eagle.
She loved the sunshine patch on the right thigh.
It matched her sunny personality

as did the patch on the left hip.
Natalie does love tacos.

We brought home the shorts 
and didn't notice until she was getting into the car to head to the picnics
that THIS PATCH was on the rear pocket.


Someone missed most of the parties because he had to work.
Sorry, Jack. 
You're 17.
You'll be low man for awhile.

After you're done handing out playground equipment
and Popsicles,
add the apostrophe in the appropriate place on the sign.
If you get it right, you get $10 from Aunt Eloise.
Photo of the corrected sign must be posted on facebook and I must be tagged.

The lake levels are ridiculously high.
It's the first time I remember no beach in July.

Can't play on the beach?
Adaptation is the key to survival--
the teens developed a new game to entertain themselves--
Hit Sam With a Rock


I was enjoying a beautiful morning sky on the way out to the mailbox
to get the newspaper,
and I looked down to find this!

Someone planted a Rock Out Erie rock at the base of my mailbox.

It turned out to be one of my favorite former students who moved away,
and came back to visit her grandparents this summer.

Sorry, Rock Out Erie--
I'm not re-hiding this one--
it's a keeper.

While you are looking up at the beautiful summer skies,
don't forget to look down and you may just discover one of your own!

Here are the rocks I stumbled upon at a graduation party
at a Harborcreek park last weekend.

I posted them on facebook and re-hid them according to the game rules.

One of the best finds of the week goes to Keeley and her mom.
They found this one--
one that is highly coveted by rock searchers in the area--

We were inspired today to make some rocks of our own.
Sam and his buddy weren't the least bit interested in painting the rocks,
so I have them a tin of Sharpies and told them to make some baseball rocks
to hide at the little league fields in two neighboring towns.

understanding the power of positive thought,
wrote this on one of his rocks.
Not quite the point,
and doubtfully will be a collector's item,
but I let it slide.

Unfortunately, I didn't monitor the boys while they were happily
writing sayings on the rocks before we headed out.

Fortunately, I read them before I turned them loose to hide them.
We would have started a little league war between the communities.

Nothing like being brave enough to sign your own name to your razzing.

Um, Sam--
think pictures, not words,
and spelling is important.

Good Lord.


boys are something else!

So much for spreading goodness and kindness around Erie County.

Eloise intercepted and you can look for a few rocks like these
out at the little league fields in North East
and also in Whitford Park.

Some good and kind people brought me these rocks though.
A special one for Natalie,

and one for me!
Thank you!

We've also been looking all around for this cat!
She's my barn cat Stealth I took in as a stray 18 months ago.
Rightfully named,
I cannot get close to her to catch her to get her spayed,
and we discovered she had a litter of kittens.

She keeps moving them

and we cannot find them,
but Stealth keeps showing up to eat 
and the kitten chow is gone every day.

Cat trackers out there,
send me some advice for cat-nabbing.

One of the most interesting things I've come across this week 
is this concept of the change in the earth tilt
suggested by the Inuit.

Weekend homework:
Watch the video and see if this makes sense to you.
High lake levels,
strange wind patterns,
and odd fish conditions seem to point this way here along the Great Lakes.

What to you think?

If anyone comes across a response from NASA on this,
please forward it to me.
I am very interested in learning more.

Have a great weekend.

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