Friday, July 14, 2017

Lesson 488: Speak My Language


It's Eloise, speaking your language.

I speak more than just the
and Swahili 
in the introduction.
(Yes, in Swahili, Hello is Hello).

I speak lots of languages.
I'm pretty fluent in the Language of Flowers.

Good book, by the way.
I read it a couple of years ago.

Victoria, bitter and hateful, has been just been emancipated from the State. With no future plans and nowhere to go, she resides in a public park where she tends to a gorgeous garden. When she is 'discovered' by a local florist, things start to fall into place for Victoria. Her gift for helping others through the flowers she chooses for them changes many lives around her. Victoria is also faced with overcoming her painful past. Will she ever allow herself to be vulnerable and let others in?

My summer dialect of "Kid"is particularly articulate.

I got schooled in Kid while in college,
but my native language is Baby.

I minored in the Language of Art--
can't really speak it,
but I can read it,
understand it,
and I really, really appreciate it.

I've taken up a more recent study of the language of
Community Wellness.
It's one I'll be studying for a very long time.

My newest Language Course is called Baseball.
I'm getting it.
Sort of.

While we're speaking Baseball--
never take a hitter to mini golf 
without swing reminders first.

I'm getting so fluent in Animal,
that this one

let me catch it pooping.

Deer don't wipe.

The language I am cramming for is CAT!

I have a crew of tutors though,
helping me through it.

Here is my young friend,
a baseball catcher and cat catcher,
helping me on my hunt of understanding.

Where does Momma keep moving the kittens?

The Professor,
a Howler with a soft meow,
was able to catch one for us.

Eloise has always been interested in language.
I could read at a very early age,
and began to write not long afterwards.
Written language is my favorite.
Print is not dead!
It very much alive if you are in tune to its breath.
Spoken languages of the world are my second favorite.
I've studied but a few,
but love listening to them.

Here is one of my favorite language videos
posted for your easy,
weekend homework assignment.

Give it a listen and you, too, 
will be amazed.


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