Friday, May 4, 2012

Lesson 146: Claimed

Five one.  I've been waiting for May first to arrive.  It's been circled on my calendar since I received my 2012 one as a Christmas gift.  It is not only my high school friend Jay's birthday, but the also the day Tim McGraw entered the world 45 years ago.  Yeehaw.  You'll see my action figurine Tim holding a birthday sign for my friend on the video above.  The video is set to the tune of Carrie Underwood's new song, Do You Think About Me? which happened to be released on Five One, completing the triangulation of three things tied to a number.  I'm a Touch fan and also am about to begin my LOST series viewing for the fourth time through this summer.  I like it when numbers connect.

I hope you are Blown Away by the song, because that is what Carrie titled her album, Blown Away.  Stephen, my updated brain of the Lamp Post computer was humming a download of her album by 6:00 am on the first day of May.  It's been playing constantly ever since and Eloise and daughters highly recommend this CD.  The title track is really good.  Kind of edgy and angry for Carrie Underwood.  She performed it during Idol on Thursday wearing a gown I need to wear somewhere fabulous, with legs sticking out of the thigh high slit that I would sell one of my children for (you can pick which kid).

We really like Carrie because she is the epitome of all things good.  Hers is the true Cinderella story--farm girl from Oklahoma tries out for American Idol, wins the contest along with the hearts of America, and soars to Country Music stardom.  She's made music, connected with people and causes, was in a movie, and even married her Handsome Prince.  Instead of showing up on a white horse, he glided to a snow spray stop in blades.   She married hockey player Mike Fisher.  Good for you, Carrie.  Marriages like yours do not carry the best statistics, but we're pulling for you here at the Lamp Post.  Hold off on the babies though until we get to see you in concert one more time.

I'm claiming Do You Think About Me? as my summer 2012 campfire song.  I like poking around a fire on a hot summer night while my tunes play quietly in the background.  It is one of life's greatest pleasures sit in the still of the night, listen to the crickets, and poke around the coals with a stick.  It's when I think of stuff--blogs I want to write, chapters for my novels I'll probably never publish, and all of you.  The more cokes I drink, the more clever I get, hence the more nicknames I think of for everyone.  Then after I crack myself up a time or two, I stop drinking my cokes, so I don't say them aloud.  After all, my parents still live within earshot and that could make for very poor living conditions for old Eloise.   My daughter and nephews are musical and they are known to join me with a guitar on their laps.  I make them learn Tim McGraw songs to keep me happy and if I have enough cokes I sing along.

NOTE:  I really do drink regular Coke now, by the way.  I gave into the hemispheric pressures of my two friends Tracy--TNorthern and TSouthern.  Neither are diet pop fans and they were convinced all my healthy living was getting trumped by the ingestion of aspartame.  To preserve my friendships, I relented.  Eloise bid farewell to her shiny silver cans last summer, and has gone back to the classic red.

For you locals, if you drive by the Lamp Post this weekend, look to the west.  Eloise may be outside at her fire ring, stirring up the coals, thinking of stuff which means:  people and places and coffee and concerts and all things good in life.  Pull in my driveway and come join me.  I'll be waiting for you.

I wanted tonight's post to be lighter to try to balance the grittier topics of autism and cancer from last week.  I still have some funny pictures of Sam to post, but again, with this new Blogger format, I still am having trouble putting videos and pictures on the same post.  The "insert picture button" lies beneath the video and I can't click it.  Very annoying.  Any of my brainiacs that are reading this, please stop by my room and help a teacher out, please.

Scroll down to the next post for some good Sam photos.  Have a great weekend.

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