Monday, May 7, 2012

Lesson 147: Super Moondance

May I have this dance, Readers?  A quick mid week post before you forget about Saturday's Super Moon.  These are my own photos, not photoshopped.  I've been watching the images on the internet roll in for the past few days, and there are some breathtaking shots of the Super Moon from around the world.  However, with the wonders of even simple, in home technology, you can never be sure what is true and what has been altered.  My photos are genuine.  No altering.  If I did, I would have started with those big feet of mine right there on the video.  Then I would have moved onto the legs.

The Super Moon is when our moon is closest to the earth in its orbit, and is full at the same time.  It occurs every once in awhile and when the skies are clear, it is breathtaking.  In case you missed it, my weather man announced there will be another one June 4th.  You can be sure I'll be up to see it.  That will be the night of Vacation Eve--school ends for me June 5th and the party begins.

All the pictures on the movie set to Van Morrison's Moondance are my own.  I didn't alter or enhance any of them.  Most are from Saturday, but there are a few favorites I reposted from earlier this year.  I'm not asking for praise for my picture taking ability at all.  I just want you to marvel momentarily over the technology that is available to the average person.  Yes, I did invest a chunk of change in my camera, but still, I could buy it at Best Buy and figured how it worked all on my own.  In seconds I can make a video and share with all of you.  Now that is a Moon Moment to moon over.

Drive by the Lamp Post and I'll shoot you the moon a picture of the moon for you.  Stop by any time.

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huskylovr_23 said...

Oh girl, you took some beautiful pictures. hard to believe it was clearer in Erie than here!! We didn't see a thing, so thank you for capturing it.