Friday, May 4, 2012

Lesson 146: Sam's Pictures

Sam is one of those kids who needs to be active.  I have sought council from my two friends Tracy, Northern and Southern, because they are moms of boys and only boys.  I never had a brother, and bore two daughters first, so Sam has been a bit of a challenge for me to raise.

"He's not so bad!" my friends tell me.  "He's just all boy!"  I saw this pinterest pin the other day that kind of summed up Sam:

Yeah, that's about it.

I found it's best to run him around in the evening and get him tired.  If he doesn't get the energy out, he drives me nuts all night long.  I've been trying to teach him the game of soccer since my nephew Jack got him this nice new net for his birthday six weeks ago.

Sam just doesn't like the rule that you cannot use your hands in soccer.  He likes to tackle (and punch) and has deemed the game lame.  Ever the creative little bugger, he thought of a new use for the net though.  He lines up his tee, sets a soccer ball on it, gets his bat....

... and swings.

I also spend most of my evenings at the softball fields behind my house because Ellen is a player.  I am not complaining because I live in walking distance of the fields and can run home for a recharge cup of coffee if I need one in minutes.  This isn't me quite yet, because she's in little league, but the games are long just the same:

I had Sam down running around a vacant field while I was taking pictures of the unmowed dandelions that had gone to seed.  Sam's a strong southpaw yet he bats righty which is strange.  However his backwardness never leaves him.  Here is Sam rounding the bases.................... the wrong direction.

Here he is, preparing to slide into home, coming down the first base line.

Noise with dirt, huh?  Let's add a green hi-lighter moustache to that definition, too.  Got to go call TNorthern and TSouthern now for my counseling sessions.

Have a great weekend,

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