Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lesson 289: Story of My Life

Hello, Readers!

Grab a cup of coffee, 
or a cold one,
and settle in for your weekend story.

in a land far, far away,

there lived a fair maiden named Lady Eloise.

She lived in a land encased in snow,

and ice.

Lady Eloise wintered in the castle,

spending most of her time gazing out the windows, watching the snow pile up.

Lady Eloise longed for a handsome prince to come and rescue her.

The dark-hatted gentleman upon a white horse
 was searching for her in the nearby kingdom of Darien Lake.
It was the very place he first laid eyes upon her, 
and was captivated by the face in the crowd.

Her hair, thick and at times unruly, was not yet long enough to fashion into a climbing rope
in case Handsome stopped by,

so instead Lady Eloise made scarves.
(Just in case).

Lady Eloise waited all winter long,
 but Handsome never came.

 At the height of the her restlessness, the sun came out

the sky turned a brilliant blue,

and all roads leading into the castle cleared.

The time had come for Lady Eloise to escape for a few hours,
so she donned her ruby red tiara,

and her slippers of pink,

and journeyed east in search of adventure.

So that her beloved family would not worry,
Lady Eloise left a note as to her whereabouts.

Resident Handsome feared the worst, 
and knowing he could not raise the brood alone,

so he called in the royal army.

Well trained, but an unconventional lot;

they were loyal and dependable.
Off they went in search of  Lady Eloise.

After a seven mile search, 
in the name of kingdom, Lady Eloise was found!
She was photographing ice crystals

along the edge of a pond.

The people took to the streets in jubilant celebration.

They jumped for joy with glee and merriment,

and raised their hands in triumph.

All the while, unbeknownst to Lady Eloise and her people,
an evil plan was hatched by rivals from a neighboring land.

Lady Kenyan and crew were harboring a grudge over a misinterpreted role play, 
photographed by the royal photographer, Sir Clicky.


What was meant as a harmless joke, was taken very literally on social media,
and the hunt for Lady Eloise had begun.

Thankfully, Lady Kenyan's plan was foiled.

What advantages she had in speed, the royal army made up for in numbers.
Lady Kenyan was captured,

hog tied,

and  encouraged to talk.

In fear for her life, Lady Eloise has retreated to the castle.

With time on her hands once again,

she turned to writing to help pass the time.  

 And so the fairy tale has begun.  

Smile pretty, Readers, because you are about to receive some good news!  The Key by Eloise Hawking, a children's novel of inspirational fiction, will be published chapter by chapter on the Lamp Post, for free, throughout the month of March.  The book, written for children, about children, is my gift to you, Readers, for sticking with me for two hundred eighty-nine posts. Over the last three years, 89,000 times the Lamp Post has been visited by readers in search of a lesson. It is my hope that you found the light, stopped by for awhile, and walked away with a laugh and a smile.

Watch for a posting every day, until the story is complete. The Key chapters will be titled simply by the book and chapter number, as not to confuse them with the weekly, Friday night blog post.

Also take a few minutes to check in with the weekly happenings on the video below.  Thanks One Direction for the perfect song for this week:  Story of My Life.

Happy March and happy reading!

Check the sidebar on the Lamp Post for Key Chapters as they appear daily.

With Warm Regards,
Lady Eloise

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