Friday, March 7, 2014

Lesson 290: Smile

It's the weekend and it's time to smile.

For the Erieites, we're smiling because the sun came out today.

The high school track team had practice.  
Judging by their attire, you would assume it was balmy.

The high was only in the upper 40's 
and the kids had to crawl over snow piles to get to the track.
Northerners are just plain tough.

Eloise turned 43 on Monday.
Erie broke a record low on March 3rd.  
It was the only day in March (ever) that temperatures never reached the double digits!

My day warmed up when I came home from work to find that my kids baked me this cake!
Ellen has Home Ec this year and is pretty handy in the kitchen now.

I got some really cool jewelry

each piece representing things near and dear to my heart.

No one can beat my mom's wrapping.

I loved the box

as much what was inside of it!

I'm just trying to decide which of my children represents which monkey.

If I line the monkeys up with the photo above, I guess it makes sense.
Sam-See-No-Evil never seems to witness anything--
 Mom, I have no idea how that lamp fell over!
Natalie-Speak-No-Evil isn't a big talker.
Ellen-Hear-No-Evil---she's 13, need I explain?  
Ellen put your laundry away.
Ellen, put your laundry away.
Ellen, put your laundry away.
Huh?  I didn't hear you.

I got this pie server because my parents are tired of extracting my pies with forks.
(Can you see me?)

It's really because they think I am a kitchen goddess
after 6 weeks of cooking around the world. 

I got a birthday package from my friend Tracy Southern, chock full of surprises.
Fun mail is one of my favorite things to receive.

I have to check out her beer recommendation.  
In keeping with my mystery loving preference,
she only sent me the cap.  
Now Eloise is on the hunt for the beer.
Do you know what it is, Readers?

I'll start my search, right after I finish up my gift from my dad.

Dad doesn't have the same knack for wrapping that my mom does.
Still, he cares.
In fact, he deposited the case in my kitchen for me to find, 
instead of his typical garage drop point.
That beer will freeze out there!

This card from Tracy Northern sums it all up well.
It's a keeper.

I'm going to turn it into a bookmark for one of the 
books I'm trying to read at the same time.
They are:

Five is a bit much at once, but I'm liking the jumble in my brain.  
I can pick a book to best fit my mood.
If you like to read and to talk about books, message me,
Eloise will be happy to discuss them with you.

Speaking of books, you should be through the first seven chapters of  my book, 
The Key, if you are reading along.  

If you are late to the game, I am posting the book right here on the Lamp Post, chapter by chapter throughout the month of March (and a few days in April)  in honor of National Reading Month.  It is a book written for children, about children.  It certainly wouldn't appeal to everyone, but it may if you are from my hometown, are a teacher, a parent, a student, or know me personally.

Why didn't you try to publish it, Eloise?
I can hear you asking through my screen.

In all honesty, I have thought about it.
Last year I made it a goal to learn about the publishing world.
I bought three, 


thick books.

I read every word.
           Highlighted agents.
                  I wrote query letters.
                        Elevator summaries.
                                Dedication pages.
                                         Book pitches.
                                               I even wrote a resume.

And none of it felt right.

I'm a little bent.
And slightly blurry.

I don't think the Mango Go Girl is cut out for the publishing world.

One Lamp Post Go Girl might be though!
Ellen got at Good Kid letter sent home from the Junior High!

Thank goodness, because a few days later, she decided to cut her hair.
Ten inches gone meant ten hours of regretful tears.
I kept rereading the bulleted points in the letter above to Ellen as she wept for her long, lost tresses.
It didn't seem to help much.
I was good with the babies and toddlers.  
I've done nothing but miss the boat parenting the teenager.

Ellen's friends liked it, so the Go Go Girl is good to go again.

Natalie got to sled ride with her class this week, so she was a happy camper.

A dozen neuro-sensitive children sliding down a hill.  
That is one slippery slope I would have loved to see.
Good job, Mr. Boyd.  

Sam and Grandma won big at BINGO for Books!

He attended the event donned in his pigeon costume.

He came home with about five new books.  
Later that night, there were only a couple set out in his nightly reading stack.
"Where's the rest of your new books?" I inquired.
"I hid them," Sam replied.  "I'm wrapping them up for Ellen for Christmas next year."


World news of the week:
A Hero Falls

Oscar Pistorius, known as the Blade Runner,  is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend.

At 43 years old, I've watched a good number of my heroes fall.
I've got a lot of life left in me, and there are bound to be more.

What do you do when your hero falls?

I found a couple of good perspectives from fellow bloggers.

You can read 12 Reasons You Should Never Meet Your Hero,
here:   12 Reasons

Here's another one that whittles the list down to four.
To read The Four Worst Things That Happen When You Meet Your Heroes,
click here:  4 Reasons

Eloise will be sure to keep that advice in mind. 
I think I'm headed out to see Handsome again this summer,
and there is a strong possibility I am going to see him perform in the south!

Word has it, he's been looking for me.
He wrote a song about me after all.

I often think what it would have been like to meet him,
had a made good on that back stage pass that I passed on.

If he does find me, I'm going to have to lie to him.
I really can't stand his new song.

And if he's a big jerk about it,
there's a new man in town.

There's something about Harry.  I can't seem to get Harry Connick, Jr off of my mind lately.  Therefore, he got the choice of song for the weekly photos. Smile! 

Smile, Everyone!  Spring is almost here!


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