Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lesson 293: Lucky 7

 Happy birthday, Sam!
My son turns 7 years old today.

My big boy with an even more sizable personality will be awake in a few minutes--singing.
That's how he wakes up every day.

How does a mother find words to describe a human tornado of emotion?
To carefully select words and photos to make manners unrefined seem comical?

Today I won't.
Instead I'll steal the words of another:
his counselor,
his nurse,
his teacher,
his protector,
his confidant--
his sister Ellen.

Here is the link to Ellen's blog about her little brother:

Ellen posts every now and again of happenings at the Lamp Post
with the wit and wisdom of a thirteen year old.

Ellen speaks for her sister Natalie,

and for all of us here at the Lamp Post.

She got Sam's summary just right.

Happy birthday, Sam!
We love you!

Enjoy some snapshots of our resident seven year old!


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